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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Before walking to Fenway for Game 4 at a fine establishment over cold beverages, I mentioned to a few buddies that the Sox and MFY are virtually even clubs. Each team has a 50-50 shot at winning like a coin flip. The results of the prior night do not carryover. The Sox have a 50-50 chance to win tonight and each night against the MFY.

This was my way of rationalizing the Sox getting back into the series – one game at a time. As we know, they did just that.

Now, I want to conclude that the Sox have the momentum, a rested setup duo, and all of New England (north of New Haven) who have their backs. Unfortunately, the MFY get last ups with Rivera and Gordon ready. We are on the verge of a Game 7 with the outcome a virtual coin flip again.

Game 6 Notes

• Was that Curt Schilling or Roy Hobbs with blood soaked uniform and all? I got freaking chills just typing that.

• I’ve given Dr. Morgan $hit in the past, but he and the entire medical and training staff stepped up big.

• You’re my boy, Bellhorn! And always has been.

• A-Hole is Bush League - no surprise.

• The Umps got both overrules correct, but Lando was out at first on a possible double play – Adelphia DVR.

• It was nice to see Millar go the other way last night. Keep it up and well go to both KFC and Friendlys.

• Damon and Bellhorn have to recognize that the MFY have continued to pound them down and in. “This game is about adjustments.” It is time for the leadoff man and former #2 hitter to each adjust.

It's for all of the marbles tonight. The last round of MLB's equivalent to the WWF Steel Cage Death Match. And as in all WWF matches the good guys ultimately win. Red Sox Nation is going to be running wild all over you!


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