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Thursday, December 03, 2009

HITTING TO ALL FIELDS: Lowell, Cabrera Squared, Scutaro, Pedroia and a Boston media conspiracy theory


A blast from my past:

“As regular readers know, I wanted Miguel Cabrera. I also didn’t want the Sox to give out long-term deals because it would limit their future opportunity to acquire Johan Santana, C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira or Miguel Cabrera. Now that Santana and Cabrera will likely be off the market next winter and the Sox should get the 2006 Lowell in 2008 and 2009, Lowell’s three year contract is not so bad.”

But the signing likely prevented the Red Sox from making a more competitive offer to Teixeira.


As for Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers would need to agree to pay most of the back end of his contract before trade discussions should commence. He is starting to look a lot like his eighth most comparable player, Andruw Jones.


Mark Scutaro and a multi-year contract is not the answer at short. Simply: the third time is NOT the charm. Please learn from your mistakes.


With Bobby Crosby and Adam Everett being floated in the media as possibilities at shortstop (both bring the same amount of suckiness as last year), can someone please inform me as to what “off-the-field issues” Orlando Cabrera still has or had in 2004 that prevents him from being an option?

Did Dr. Charles Steinberg, the Dentist and former Consigliere to Larry Lucchino, have to clean up a dead hooker for Orlando? Seriously, Cabrera must have personally pissed off a Red Sox owner to be blackballed because he is their best option. The former Olde Towne Team shortstop will not cost a draft pick, probably will sign a similar one-year $4M deal like last year, and is relatively solid with the stick and in the field. Cabrera is the better Jed Lowrie insurance policy.


The Dustin Pedrioa moving to the other side of second base is probably Plan Q. It is also interesting to note that Peter Gammons published the information on the same day as John Henry’s “interview” hit the “series of tubes.” Was SS Plan Q leaked the same day to temper the discussion of Henry’s brain fart and poor us sounding “interview”?


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