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Monday, March 31, 2008


Finally, the real Opening Day is here although the Sox are not playing. It is just a great day - the start of spring, the season, the hope for a new year and beginning. Everyone starts off with a clean slate and an equal shot at glory.

Because their offense has fewer questions than the Sox. Only rat boy’s production, Posada, will fall off a cliff. Giambi (I do think he is HIV+…just kidding sort of) is a possibility too, but first base is the second easiest position to fill. As for our Sox: Will Manny get 600 PA? How far will Lowell’s production fall? Will Drew hit like a shortstop again? Will Tek’s bat continue to slide? It is reasonable to project the Sox to score fewer runs in 2008, even if shortstop (Lugo or Lowrie) and centerfield (Coco or Ellsbury) are not pot holes again. The Schilling injury downgrades the Sox rotation, which draws them even with the MFY. Both need the youngsters to eat up innings. The Sox need their young starters to perform better than the MFY’s to win the East or will win the W.C. over the Tigers.

As for the rest, I’ve been on the Rays“Since O.J. had isotoners” but they ain’t ready in o8. The Jays have little depth. Hence, they need everything to break right to compete. Baltimore has a nice Park and great crab cakes.

Because the Tigers have big pitching questions and the Indians lineup could be nearly as good as the one in Detroit.

Because both Lackey and Escobar are doubtful to even come close to the impact they had last season. Hunter and a healthy lineup can not offset that loss for LAA. The M’s are going to play 600 ball at home, 500 on the road, get to 88-90 wins and the West. They are better than the pre-season projections or runs scored versus runs allowed due to an advantage at home, a dominate pen, and a weak schedule.

The Sox beat the MFY in the A.L.C.S. Beckett and Papelbon win seven games almost entirely by themselves. And the Sox go back-to-back, but not a dynasty, yet.


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