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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Since it has been reported that the Marlins do not want to trade Miguel Cabrera before the Winter Meetings, Mike Lowell will wait to make a decision on his future employer. Lowell wants to get at least one of the L.A. based clubs to enter the bidding to drive up his price and that will not happen until Cabrera gets moved. (Update: Ken Rosenthal stated that the Dodgers are interested in Lowell since they do not want to meet the Marlins demands for Cabrera. Nick Cafardo further substantiated the notion “As far as giving away three or four regular players, I don't believe you do that.” said Bill Lajoie, Senior Advisor to the General Manager for the Dodgers. This could open the door for the Sox!) Depending on the players traded for Cabrera, either L.A. based club could still use Lowell as they could put Cabrera in leftfield, but neither wants to bet before they see their cards.

The Sox have numerous possibilities to replace Lowell, if he leaves, as they can move Kevin Youkilis across the diamond and find a first baseman or two. A platoon/rotation situation is a viable option at the infield corners. Lowell is not the end all be all for the Sox. The Olde Towne Team as many options. None are perfect but we do not need to worry that Nick Punto or Joe Crede will be starting on Opening Day.

TRADE TARGETS - why they are on the block

* Kevin Millar, Melvin Mora, Aubrey Huff and Miguel Tejada – Andy McPhail wants to dismantle and rebuild the O’s. After Huff’s radio show appearance (NSFW), he could be had for $.10 on the dollar and hey, the other guest on the radio show is already a big Sox fan (NSFW scroll down).

* Ben Broussard, Richie Sexson – The M’s want to create room in their budget and on the roster. Ichiro, Vidro, Ibanez, Adam Jones and Wladimir Balentien are the five the M‘s want to trot out each night. Broussard may be non-tendered.

* Eric Chavez – The A’s could dismantle and rebuild this winter as suggested by Billy Beane. Beane would want to get Chavez’s contract off the books.

* Miguel Cabrera- Yeah!

* Adam LaRoche - Neal Huntington is the new sheriff in town and LaRoche may not fit into his plans with the salary demands of the forth year arbitration eligible first baseman.

* Scott Hatteberg - The Reds want to make room for top prospects Joey Votto and Jay Bruce but also have Junior, Adam Dunn, and Josh Hamilton. Hatteberg is the odd man out.

* Scott Rolen - The Cards front office is surprisingly siding with Tony LaRussa instead of Rolen so he is on the block.

* Mark Reynolds, Chad Tracy, or Connor Jackson - The classic situation is in Zona - three players for two positions.

FREE AGENTS - each would make an adequate half of a platoon

* Brad Wilkerson - He’s been injury plagued over the last few years and his numbers have suffered. Wilkerson could sign for an incentive type deal to reestablish himself.

* Sean Casey - The mayor hits like a good utility player without the versatility but he won’t hurt your lineup. He likely only needs a one-year deal.

* Mark Loretta - See above but can play all over the infield. He makes a nice platoon partner with Alex Cora just in case someone goes down for a extended period of time.

* Ryan Klesko - 2007 was a comeback of sorts for Klesko as he hit similar to his 2005 line. He is likely good for another 250/350/400 line.

* Olmedo Saenez - Before this past season, he killed LHP. He could regain form and be a nice half of a platoon at first. He is worth a minor league contract.

* Mike Sweeney - He can’t play everyday any longer. But as the lesser half of a platoon at first, he could do the job.


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