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Friday, August 13, 2004


Dave Sing me a Song Sveum wanted to test Rocco’s arm again. This guy is a joke.

"It was kind of a wide turn and I told Dale that after I came in," Varitek said. "I should have been able to score and I've scored a lot on that ball. But Rocco's throwing the ball extremely well."

Does Sveum know that…

Of Baldelli's nine assists, which lead American League center fielders, four have come against the Red Sox within the last 10 days. He led the league last year with 14.

I guess not or he is too stupid to apply the knowledge to the situation.

It is not surprising to that Tito came to Sing me a Song Sveum’s defense…

"Every third base coach runs through these stretches,"

I don’t recall Mike Cubbage going through any bad stretches.

Ichiro Quick Slap Hits

• I could not agree more with Will Carroll of BP: Young pitchers are simply a crapshoot. If I were a GM, I'd either draft a load of them, figuring that I could get a certain percentage through or I'd shun them entirely, filling my roster with college survivors, minor-league free agents, and veteran hurlers who had proven themselves. That, or I'd hire that guy who wrote Saving The Pitcher and see how well it works in the real world. - I would only add that club economics plays apart of your team’s strategy as well. Small market teams can’t afford to go out and sign a #1 starter. They have to develop him.

• I hate to see Junior injured again. He was my favorite non-Red Sox player back in my school days. The Reds should have read EGG and tried to shop Griffey to the MFY. Now, Junior is going nowhere without his okay. I hope the Reds, for their fans not ownership, have that Ben Affleck insurance on Junior's contract. “The one that pays you cash, which is just as good as money.”

• I think it is a good sign that Seth Myers from SNL won Celebrity Poker Showdown while wearing a 1986 Boston Red Sox A.L. Champs t-shirt and donating the $100,000 winnings to the Jimmy Fund.

• The Phish concert is to Vermont as the DNC was to Boston. The Phish show will be double the size of Vermont’s largest city. Even though it is 2 hours away, I am heading to Boston this weekend hoping tomorrow's game doesn't get rained out.


• How great is Little League Baseball? How not so great is all of the media coverage?

• What are the Olympics?

• Debbie and Tracy Lord picked up their new car from Saturn yesterday. Is it that Tracy Lord?


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