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Monday, August 09, 2004


Indeed, Cubbage , who succeeded Gene Lamont, helped restore order to the third base coaching box after Wendell Kim's tumultuous tenure. The problem was, the Sox wanted coaches who were more energetic about working with players in practice and instructing them on and off the field. – The Sox treated their best third base coach in recent times like $hit and now we have Sing me a Song Sveum.

• The FCC is finally doing some good. No DJ patter or jingles, no contests or pledge drives. No commercials. Just music. - What a freaking concept!

• If my memory is correct, part of the reason for dealing and not giving the 300 hitting Tony Womack a shot in the spring was that the medical folks had little confidence in his reconstructed elbow. Another great diagnosis from Dr. Morgan and his staff - Lyon, Nomar, Nixon...

• Speaking of St. Louis SS, the Cards might be renting Renteria after the trade for Larry Walker and adding $5 million to next year’s payroll.

• Speaking of Walker, if the Sox were really concerned about who would bat in the five hole, Theo would have claimed the All-Star.

Freedom of the Press?

• Another great article by Alan Schwartz for the New York Times on the tools clubs and fans can use to better evaluate relief pitchers.

• As you know by now, Mike Myers eats up LHB over his career with his side are delivery but he has not had the same level of success so far this season.

• Adelphia High Definition DVR is the bomb!

We can cure sad old man limp dickness with not just one but several competing pills but there's jack shit for a sore throat like Manny’s? Priorities people. F*cking priorities here.

But now they're back home. Where they're 33-18. Where they'll be playing the next 20 of 26. Simply put, the time to switch to "ass kick" mode would be now. - Yes, I do believe "it is about that time to break forth the rythem and the rhyme" at Fenway.


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