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Thursday, August 12, 2004


The best thing, other than the win itself, was that the Relief Trio (Foulke, Embree, Timlin) did not have to work last night. Being in the middle of a sixteen game stretch and coming back after the season’s longest road stint, the rest for the R.T. could prove to be a factor with Williamson unlikely to return soon. The R.T. have been used often even with the acquisitions of Adams and Myers. The rotation might benefit from an extra day off as well.

Due to Lowe’s blister and Schilling’s loss of velocity, the Sox could get a boost by pushing the starters back a day after Wake tomorrow. If Terry Adams does not pitch in the next couple of days, he should be able to start on Saturday. Like Mendoza, Adams been in nearly every role throughout his career. He can give the Sox five or six solid innings.

After the Adams start, Leskanic could come off the DL if the Sox brass is concerned about pen depth. But bringing back Leskanic before rosters expand and prior to Bellhorn or Pokey’s returns causes a 25-man roster jam. The player that should come off the 25-man is Gutierrez, but that would leave the club without an emergency short stop for at least two weeks. Mendoza, Adams, or Myers could come down with the sniffles until September 1st.

Anyway, the news on Leskanic is encouraging. Even though Leskanic can be erratic, he’s an arm out of the pen that misses bats. With Williamson out and Embree’s declining K rate, the pen is without a power strikeout pitcher. With runners on, a pitcher who can strike men out stands a better chance of not allowing those inherited runners from scoring.

• I am an a$$hole. I knew it was going to be Millar Time! Told you so. Millar’s stats are similar to last season’s and he is knocking the crap out of the ball after the break to the tune of 395/457/691. “Millar” should be written on the lineup card everyday until he cools down, Tito.

However, the ability to produce players who can make a positive contribution to a winning team, even at a low level, is a hallmark of the Angels' player development staff. The bullpen, filled with homegrown right-handed arms, is where this has had the greatest impact, but the lineup and bench have benefitted as well. How many teams will miss the playoffs this season--or spend millions of extra dollars--because their farm system can't produce a Robb Quinlan or a Kevin Gregg? - Baseball Prospectus’ Triple Play is speaking about the Sox. Kapler and Mirabelli are perfect examples; Embree and Timlin to a lesser extent. It would be great if Pawtucket had a power strikeout arm, like K-Rod, Jessie Crain, or Jairo Garica, that could be brought up instead of acquiring retreads like Leskanic, Adams, or Myers. The Sox will not be considered a well run organization until more Kevin Youkilis-es make an impact at the MLB level.


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