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Friday, July 09, 2004


I had no doubts about the Sox pulling out a victory last night. Some how, some way, the boys were going to get the job done, but I never thought it would be accomplished with the feet. How ‘bout that “smallball”? I am lovin’ it. Oaktown was ripe for the pickins and the Sox not only pulled off the fruit, they torn the tree up from the roots.

Texass is up next. The club can hit but that’s about it. Other than Cordero out of the pen, no pitcher misses many bats; as a club they give up a fair number of dingers and free passes. Thus, one would conclude that - many balls are put into play and a high number of them are turned into outs. But that is not the case either; Texass’ defensive efficiency is under 70% and actually a bit lower than the Sox. Luck is the only way to explain Texass’ sixth rank in runs prevented. It is ending tonight.

News, Notes, Observations while “I’m as high as a kite” on a Sox sweep

• Jason Giambi is in the home run derby. I thought everyone knew he was weak due to parasites. No wait, my bad, it’s because Giambi is off the juice.

• Who was the guy in the Jamaican hat behind home plate last night? I guess Manny owed a debt.

• My hat goes off to all of the members of RSN last night who sat along the right field line and did not interfere on Trot’s triple; besides one guy who nearly touched the ball as Dye were picking it up and the people sitting around him. It is understandable to go after a ball, but it is the duty of the other fans around the overzealous interferer to enlighten him/her of the situation. El Guapo’s Ghost gives permission to members of RSN to take physical action in order to eliminate potential Bartman incidents as they deem necessary. (Please note that El Guapo’s Ghost’s written permission is only a valid defense within the EGG living quarters.)

Millar is starting to heat up. Don’t give up on the chicken and ice cream man just yet.

• I’ve gone from worst to first in my fantasy baseball league. Folks may want to hear my opinion on the subject. Drop me an email.


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