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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic Playoffs

Ron Artest has historically been able to contain Paul Pierce at the small forward position. At the other forward spot, Kevin Garnett has shut down each starting four throughout the playoffs. Michael Beasley averaged 10.4 points in the five playoff games versus the Celtics and KG. During the year, his scoring mean was 14.8 or 4.4 fewer points. The Big Ticket and the C’s also keep Antawan Jamison and Rashard Lewis below their scoring averages - 6.9 and 5.9, respectfully. If the forward trends continue into The Finals, the two offensive forwards - Pau Gasol and Pierce - will have a tough time putting up big numbers. (Other than in the Cleveland series, when KG had either a quickness or size advantage, he has struggled offensively.) Hence, the Celtics guards will need to be huge against Kobe Bryant and others.

Whomever is not being checked by Bryant has to be a force and the offense must run through that guard. Either Rondo (BTW, when did he become a one name star?) has to create off the dribble or Ray Allen has to come off baseline picks to knock down jumpers. Derek Fisher can not guard anyone and has to be exploited for the Celtics to bring home banner #18.


1) The Centers: The fluid in Andrew Bynum’s knee is back after being drained. If he does not play or plays fewer minutes, it limit’s the Lakers rebounding advantage, puts Kendrick Perkins on Gasol and gives KG an easier match up with Lamar Odom. Perkins is one technical foul away from being suspended a game. Withough Perk, the Celtics have an issue in the paint and could further expose Glen Davis to the length of the Lakers.

2) If Bryant takes Rondo, does Phil Jackson play Shannon Brown at 6-4 to have a taller player try to disrupt Allen’s jump shot? Allen will destroy Fisher.

3) Does a role player unexpectedly go unconscious from downtown in a quarter to steal a game like Rasheed Wallace, Derek Fisher, Nate Robinson, Jordan Farmar?


Going with more heart than head, Celtics in seven. Bynum is ineffective, Bryant runs out of gas and we get another parade. BEAT LA! BEAT LA! BEAT LA!


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