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Saturday, August 15, 2009


We know this is a big weekend for the Sox down in Texass, as the Rangers have emerged as their top Wild Card competition. It is also the signing deadline for 2009 draft pick. More on these Sox subjects next week but now my take on various topics. As always, random rumblings are written in a joking and not so serious tone.

* My car can’t $hit properly. The pipe to the exhaust system has a hole. It is time for a new car. I’m thinking hybrid, although the consensus best on the market - Prius - screams self righteous green tool. And I want people to be surprised to realize that I’m an Arrogant Bastard (yummy good beer).

* As the newspaper industry is trying anything to survive, its demise seems primarily external and thus, no internal changes will save it. The internet reduced the barrier to entry in the news distribution thereby increasing competition on multiple fronts of their business model. As the printing press did to the town crier and other jobs, new technology eliminates the demand for some old products and services.

* Let me know when home sales have a quarterly year-over-year increase. Since home sales are a seasonal industry, not many relocate in the winter, run rates are relatively insignificant. A quarterly Y-O-Y increase COULD be the start of the stabilization in housing prices/most household balances sheets/consumer spending/70% of the US economy and period of sustainable GDP growth. But until that time, we still have a risk for a W shaped recovery (pun not intended initially).

* A triple play of thoughts on the so called Cash-for-Clunkers program: 1) it will increases state sales tax, 2) it saves the potential loss of payroll taxes and unemployment claims a.k.a. jobs, 3) the parent company (the U.S. government) gets a much lower interest rate than its subsidiary (G.M.); cheaper financing.

* We have larger issues to resolve as a society, but can’t we have tiered handicap parking. The more trouble you have the closer you get to park for the disabled. Conversely, your Body Mass Index should determine the section you park your vehicle. The Obese or Fatties could use the forced exercise. Maybe this provision is in one of the four health care reform bills in Congress.

* My biggest disappointment of the Obama Administration: If Ben Bernanke states twenty-five financial companies are too systemically significant to fail, then the discussion should be about breaking up the two-five not further regulation.

* Bill Maher: James Madison wrote that "pure democracy" doesn't work because "there is nothing to check... an obnoxious individual.” It is our right to be rude/speak but we don’t have a right to be listened too...well for another year.


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