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Monday, June 08, 2009


The Sox have three options at DH.  The course taken will depend on Big Papi’s production over the next month or so because the last few have sucked.
Scenario 1: Ortiz continues to suck and gets released.   He is replaced by a Nick Johnson, Aubrey Huff, Adam LaRoche, etc.  As long as Ortiz is on the roster, he is going to get the majority of the playing time, which would make a deal of this magnitude foolish.  If a change has to be made, it should be a clean break a la Nomar in 2004. 
Scenario 2: Ortiz improves to hit a line of 250/350/400 from here on out.  He is neither hurting nor helping the lineup against RHP but needs to be platooned versus southpaws.  In this case, the Sox could add a Jamey Carroll type – a RHB that can play left and the infield.  The addition would allow Tito to roll Youk, Lowell, Pedrioa and Bay through the DH hole thereby giving each a half day off during the dog days.  Nick Green could be that guy, but my watch says it is almost midnight and that’s when Green turns orange…back into a pumpkin. 
Scenario 3: The Indians are throwing in the towel for 2009 and looking towards 2010.  Cleveland is confident that the combination of Kelly Shoppach and top prospect, Carlos Santana, can be nearly as productive as Victor Martinez would be in 2010.  Hence, the Indians will shop V-Mart in-season (Cliff Lee will not be dealt).  But not needing to move the All-Star and being under contract for a 245 games, Mark Shapiro will look for more than received last summer for C.C. Sabathia. Thus, it would take two top prospects plus two other lower level prospects to bring Martinez to Boston. It would be a high price to pay, although the catcher would be a perfect fit as he could share time behind the plate, at first and DH for the remaining of this year and next.

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