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Monday, April 27, 2009


Bay Being Canadian.

Now back to our regularly scheduled post…


The Sox sweep brings them back to even par against the A.L. East rivals for a 4-2 record at Fenway. The Olde Towne Team should win a series at home.

Friday and Saturday’s games were similar in that each starter had difficulty, which allowed the offense and pen decide the outcome. Thankfully, the Sox pen was more effective than the MFY. Basically, the good guys kept the ball in the Park, aside Oki, and the Local Nine went deep three times to take the first two of the series.

On a personal note, Saturday was one of the most enjoyable games I’ve attended in some time. Warm, sunny, good free parking spot, a ton of runs and a Sox win. It was near perfect, except by the third inning the pair of jailbait sitting next to me was swapped for a MFY fan and a kid who loves cake a way too much. Which brings me to a new rule, hat tip to Bill Maher: A male can not take his shirt off when he is sitting next to another man with his shirt ON.

Sunday was unexpected. Of course, the “Holy Sh^t!“ a.k.a. straight steal of home by Jacoby Ellsbury, but also Dustin Pedroia, Nick Green and Jason Bay taking off on first movement of Andy Pettitte. The Road Runner out in center is the only one who should have the green light. No need to run into outs.

Justin Masterson was a pleasant surprise. He had great movement on his fastball and flashed a back door breaking ball to southpaws, if I‘m not mistaken. Masterson could be more valuable in the rotation than the pen. The other Texan PEDs pitcher was also effective.

After the starters departed, the Sox pitching depth shut the door on the best team money can buy. With each clubs usual arms being unavailable due to the crazy first two game, the Sox 17th and 18th pitchers on the depth chart came in to bridge the gap to the backup closer and that was that…a sweep.

The Sox beat the MFY’s best reliever, again, for a win. They won a slugfest on Saturday. And the Olde Towne Team called on their seventh starter and a pair of PawSox to shut down the MFY in series finale. It is a damn good sign when the Sox win games in multiple ways.


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