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Thursday, July 17, 2008


1) As the non-waiver trading deadline approaches, the mainstream media will bring up free agent draft pick compensation. First off, it is difficult to predict where your selection will be in the draft, so its value is volatile [read here for all the details]. If this last draft is any indication of where the market is heading, not much top talent will not be free falling to the Sox. Hence, where the selection is within the draft is more important than it was in the past for the Olde Towne Team. Draft pick compensation is less valuable to the Sox this July 31st than in past years.

Second, draft picks are not nearly as valuable as minor league prospects because: 1) in many instances, they are cheaper since the signing bonus has already been paid (cash could change hands between the clubs, but this is never reported when a trade is made) and 2) prospects are less risky since they are closer to the Show. This is regardless of how wonderful of late the team’s development department (i.e. the Sox system) has turned out prospects. Clubs that have determined this isn’t their year and will not resign their free agents should move them.

2) The Sox should move to Sarasota, if the club would have the ability to create and build the ideal facilities - a type of college campus to ease the transition to pro-ball and to the States. As signing bonuses continue to grow, it might not be all about the money like in Michel Iona’s decision to play for the A’s. Great facilities, along with the better rep the Sox development system has gotten, could give them a leg up in recuiting international kids.

3) The Olde Towne Team should want Masterson to strikeout hitters instead of trying to induce the double plays. Batted balls in play have a funny way of finding holes through the infield. Masterson in his limited MLB innings has demonstrated an ability to strikeout RHB.


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