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Thursday, June 05, 2008


1) How do the Celtics defend the perimeter game of Lakers’ big men? Paul Pierce can be shot over and Kendrick Perkins can be taken off the dribble.

2) KG and Paul will get theirs in the series. The offensive question for the Celtics is who else exploits their match up advantage? Will Rondo take Fisher off the dribble given his superior speed and quickness? Will Perk get position inside and convert in the paint with his strength advantage over LA’s big men?

3) Can the Celtics keep Kobe and the rest of the Lakers on the outside taking jumpers? Even if they make them, it should keep Garnett and Perkins out of foul trouble. Both have to be a force in the series – Garnett everywhere and Perkins on the boards.

And a fourth

Ben (New Jersey): Sports Guy! I've been a fan for years but I've never written in before. I'm a senior in high school and my friends and I love to play a game called KG that. It's when you take something ordinary and go crazy over it. For example, we went out for Chinese last Friday and after one of my friends ordered his beef and broccoli i told him he should KG it when it comes. When the waiter brought out his beef, he got up on his chair and started pounding his chest screaming "THATS HOW YOU ORDER CHINESE" he then ran around high fiving random people while pounding his chest and screaming. We ended up getting kicked out, but I'd say it was worth it. Whats the funniest situation you could see where you could KG something?

After giving this way too much thought, it would be coming out of a public bathroom stall after showing “…that turd who’s boss.” You fiercely open the stall door with a head butt, while yelling “THAT’S HOW YOU TAKE A DUMP!”. Then pounding your chest and trying to high five fellow restroom patrons with your unwashed hands. And the more upscale restroom the better - one with an attendant is ideal. Let me know when this turns up on youtube.


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