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Thursday, April 10, 2008


In our AL-only no MFY roto auction league, my team looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

2 – Mauer – 8% of Cap
3 – Teahen – 1%
4 – Kinsler – 10%
5 – Youk – 4%
6 – Cabrera – 8%
7 – Upton – 9% Keeper
8 – Sizemore – 17%
9 – Adam Jones – 5%
B – Salty – 1%
Of course, I need to pickup a DH.

My lineup looks strong in SB, R, but is lacking in the power categories. Hopefully, Upton, Kinsler Teahen and Sizemore can all hit 20 plus homers. If not, I could move Mauer and play Salty at 2 once he is called up. Cabrera is the only pick I have some remorse over. I overpaid early. If I waited I could have had Peralta, who is a better fit on my team for about the same price.

P – Kazmir – 5% Keeper
P – Shields – 12%
P – Buchholz – 3%
P – Blanton – 2%
P - Street – 7%
P – CJ Wilson – 3%
P – Accardo – 3%

Shields is a bit of a stretch, but I needed starts/wins with his teammate’s questionable health and getting Street at a bargain allowed for that move. I heart Buchholz! His change up is Johan-esque. Clay gets swings-and-misses even when he misses location. Better consistency with the fastball is all he needs to be at least an average starter in 80% of his outings. But Buchholz is a risk, so Blanton at that price was nice. Wilson and Accardo are saves selections and backups if Street gets moved. I overpaid for Accardo, although I think he’ll get more saves than most project. Ryan isn’t back to May and is unlikely to pitch on back-to-back days. Gibbons has never used his pen in a predicable manner. My bet is that when both relievers are rested, Gibbons goes with the better match up to close out the game.


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