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Friday, April 04, 2008


It has been almost four years since my first trip to Key West and the Eden House. My friends, Chantal and Kevin, introduced me to nice hotel. It just oozes basking and relaxing. With ample amounts of shade near the pool area, it is perfect for me since each year the sun wins another round. The Eden House also has make your own happy hour around four for an hour. It is the best pre-game for dinner and the Duval Crawl, which is only six block away but far enough away from the crowds. Most of the rooms are small and basic (it is probably not for families or travelers looking for luxury comforts), but who comes to Key West to stay inside. Everyone is very nice and friendly. The Eden House is great.

During hours by the pool, I read two books - Maple Street Press Red Sox 2008 Annual and Haunted Baseball. Anyone who reads and likes this blog will love MSP’s Sox Annual. It is must for the analytical Sox fan. Haunted Baseball was written by Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon. The Publisher sent me the book to review. The stories were entertaining, but these types of book even baseball ones are not my cup of tea. I read humor, politics, and economics books. For the most, I read to be educated more than entertained.

The one story that was particularly interesting was from Derek Jeter (yeah, I know). In the eighth inning of the Shady Chicken Little game, “Aaron Boone got antsy on the bench. He asked Derek Jeter how could he be some calm, with all that was at stake. Jeter’s reply was brief: ’The ghost will come eventually.’” He meant the ghosts of MFY Stadium - the great dead players of the past.

A-Hole expands on the notion. “I think it elevates your game. You realized that when you step in Yankee Stadium, there’s a great responsibility.“ Even though I don’t believe in curses, ghost and the supernatural, many do like Jeter and A-Hole and that’s what counts. So when the MFY move into a new park, will it be the same for them? Will the ghosts follow the two most important MFYs across the street? Maybe not. It certainly won’t be the same next season and A-Hole and Jeter might not have the mental edge at home as they believe.


Finally, the Sox play at a decent hour tonight. It is Opening Day on Maple Street.

My fantasy auction is this weekend and the Final Four is on, so the rest of my Sox FL trip might be delayed even further. GO SOX!


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