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Thursday, March 20, 2008


* Manny Ramirez needs to stay on the field. Some semi-regular time at DH on the road, where the Sox get a significant bump in the field, would help.

* J.D. Drew is not going to be much better than last season.

* David Ortiz will give up some BA for HR this year with a healthy knee.

* Mike Lowell will regress to his career levels.

* Josh Beckett needs to build on last season - stay healthy and throw the deuce.

* Jason Varitek may want pounce on first pitch fastballs with men on more often. It is common knowledge that with two strikes, Tek can't layoff or hit the high hard one.

* Julio Lugo please do not make me endure another 300 OBP year.

* Dice-K throw strikes.

* Covelli Crisp d-fence up - bat down.

* Tim Wakefield stay healthy and strong.

* Julian Tavarez keep keepin' it real.

* Kevin Youkilis could be dealt next winter under the right circumstances.

* Mike Timlin has not thrown more than five breaking balls during his time in Boston.

* Alex Cora is not worth $2mil a year. No hit, no speed, backup middle infielders are everywhere.

* Hideki Okajima s new pitch better be for real because like Bronson Arroyo, you are not going to fool ML hitters again with the same stuff.

* Javier Lopez has to get southpaws out or should be let go.

* Kyle Synder is overpaid for being the last man in the pen.

* Sean Casey can't have much left in the tank. It is bad news when the first thing everyone says about a new player is that you are such a nice guy.

* Jonathan Papelbon don't worry about the money; worry about your dance moves.

* Manny Delcarmen is ready to become a kick ass setup man.

* Jon Lester stay healthy and strong so that you can live up to your scouting reports.

* Dustin Pedroia is a freak. Pitchers should not try to throw the high hard one by DP this year. His discipline and ability to hit breaking balls, sliders in particular, will be tested.

* David Aardsma should have Kyle Synder's spot on the 25-man since he has some upside.

* Jacoby Ellsbury prove me wrong when I compare you to Juan Pierre at the plate.

* Craig Hansen find your slider.

* Clay Buchholz has three plus pitches at times - consistent command is the only question.

* Brian Corey should be one of the three extras taken to Japan. I have a feeling 40 grand is significant in the Corey household.

* Brandon Moss should be brought up when Coco goes.

* Chris Carter needs a chance somewhere. Oakland would be a good landing spot but they are full at 1B/DH - maybe Japan.

* Curt Schilling get healthy and get back.

* Bobby Kielty is the perfect complement player for J.D. Drew.

* Bartolo Colon s weight should not be a major issue. He was fat when holding up his Cy Young Award.


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