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Friday, September 28, 2007


* Even though Craig Biggio has 3,000 hits and played up the middle, a hitting line of 282/365/434 and an OPS+113 does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

* The staff at Starbucks need to understand that the customer is in need of caffeine. Hence, they should not be so god damn perky. It makes me want to throw the hot coffee you just gave me back in your face.

* These shoes are cool!

(Photo: zappos.com)

[Think Timberlake] I'm bringing velco back. Yeah! You're not sure where to buy ‘em. Yeah! Try zappos.com. Yeah!

* Unless your teen/young adult focused social networking site (myspace, facebook, etc.) provides a synergy to a non-ad focused business in your corporate portfolio, then it will be a mistake to a large investment in that site. Advertisers love the young demographic to build their brands. But that same group that enables you to charge high ad rates are “…constantly looking for the next, new thing to stay current with friends.” Due to the non-existent barrier to entry, your business will lose your key customers by aging or to a rival thereby decreasing your revenues.

* Bill Simmons: I love BC people - without them, everyone would want to move to Boston. They keep the numbers down.
This is the first LOL line Simmons has had in some time.

* From BarstoolSports,

I think they already picked the Celtics Dancers for this year. And from what I’ve gathered they aren’t the most impressive crew of girls ever to come down the pike. These chicks should be thanking their lucky stars that the tryouts are already over and done with. Because something tells me that with all this new hype hot chicks would have come out of the woodwork to audition for the team. But the ugly ones are already grandfathered in for this year.

(Photo: Barstoolsports.com)

Check out #95. She has a bigger waist than El Guapo’s Ghost.

* Newspapers should be free with home subscription. They are selling you to advertisers. This is a major flaw in their business model.

* How many times can Elizabeth Edwards rip Clinton and Obama? This is one is a doozy, "We can't make John black, we can't make him a woman. Those things get you a lot of press, worth a certain amount of fundraising dollars." It seems she is getting a pass from media and the other campaigns, I think, because E.E. has cancer, which is fine…I guess. But does anyone think the Edwards’ might be exploiting her poor health condition?

* A few tips if you are making your way up to Burlington for the foliage:

(Photo: Caleb Kenna for the Boston Globe)

a) After getting off of I-89 heading West to Burlington, the right lane after going through UVM becomes a right only, so stay in the middle lane if you are heading to Church Street or the waterfront.

b) Island Ice Cream is better than Ben & Jerry’s unless you need chunks. Plus, Island is real Vermont. B&J is owned by a huge corp now.

c) Don’t block Church Street when you watch the performers - leave a walk way so that I can feed myself (a.k.a. get hand made in front of you own eyes dumplings).

(Photo: Matthew Thorsen for SevenDaysVT.com)

* It is a shame that FX is not broadcast in HD. The Shield and Damages are high quality programming. Right now, it is better than HBO.

* Here are some pictures from the Green Monster. The view isn’t all that great other than being totally unobstructed due to the stadium seating. The best part about the seats is sharing a restroom and concession stands with only hundreds instead of thousands.

Oh, the last one is from the last out of the 2004 World Series (and yeah, better camera). It is almost time for Red Sox Baseball in October! And it's gonna happen again (knock on wood).


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