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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Peter Gammons states that the Sox "…will take their money [not spent on Clemens] and re-invest in the draft.” Unfortunately, they are unlikely to get the same kind of talent as they have in the past. The days of highly talented players dropping are probably over and it could prove to be foolish to put the Clemens cash in the draft.

Teams that fail to sign a first-round pick no longer receive an extra pick after the first round as compensation, but instead a virtually identical pick the following year; for example, a team that fails to sign the No. 5 pick one year will receive the No. 6 pick the next, rather than one in the 30s or 40s. The same compensation also now exists for unsigned second-round picks, while a team that fails to sign a third-round pick will receive a sandwich pick between the third and fourth rounds.

Teams will not be as concerned about signability as they have in the past. Signing bonus demands will be given less weight in draft rooms this June than in previous years. Hence, the Olde Towne Team is not going to swoop up a Daniel Bard or Craig Hansen-type late in the first round or select a second round talent with a high bonus demand like Lars Anderson in the 18th round. The Sox may be able to select top talent with some questions and signability issues (Matt LaPorta) in the later rounds, but those players are obviously riskier investments. It would take a strong message to scare off teams from selecting top talent this June like…

Keith Law reported that…Roxbury Latin (Boston) lefty Jack McGeary's signability is the big question now, with one rampant rumor saying he's looking for $2 million to buy him away from his scholarship to Stanford. Some clubs who don't pick until the late first round or the sandwich, including the Mets (who don't pick until No. 44), are still sending the heat in to see him on the thought that he might fall.

Could McGeary be angling himself for not only a big payday, but to fall to his hometown team? The Red Sox first selection is this year’s June draft is #55. In the past, Yawkey Way has not had any problem paying over the slotted signing bonus. This could be an opportunity for the Sox to get a first-round talent when they do not have a selection in the first thirty.

Here is a scouting report on McGeary:

While he's not a flamethrower at this point in time, he does work regularly in the 88-92 range, and his athletic frame and smooth delivery leads many to believe that McGeary is just starting to scratch the surface of his future potential. His best attribute is his advanced knowledge of pitching, as he controls the strike zone very well and has both a promising curveball and changeup, giving him the size, stuff, athleticism and intangible elements you look for in a left-handed pitcher.


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