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Monday, April 23, 2007


As far as I’m concerned, we have only three major professional sports teams – the Sox, C’s, and Pats. The Bruins are dead to me since they consistently trade their best players when it is time for them to get paid. The Bruins have the money. They own the Garden and the concessions, 20% of the ATM, known as NESN, and play in the sixth largest media market that is arguable the *best* city for a hockey team. Jeremy Jacobs and his minions are a f*cking disgrace.

On to the C’s, where the media (Comcast/FoxSports New England) was going bat$hit over a less than 40% shot at either Oden or Durant. Needless to say, one of those guys (especially Oden) along with the emergence of Al Jefferson and a healthy Paul Pierce should have the C’s back next season. But if the balls don’t bounce the right way, do the Celtics take a chance and make a big deal this summer for banner #17 before Pierce’s time runs out? The risk is not with us, the fans. If they win, we go and they make the money back. The risk is with Danny and Doc. Can they pick out the right groceries and cook up a World Championship meal? Sadly, I don’t think so. They can’t even defend the high pick and roll once Jim O’Brien left town.

Thankfully, the Pats are looking sick by filling needs on a team that was so close to the Super Bowl even before the draft. They have two first-round picks (ESPN value 740+660), which provides the flexibility (in theory) to move up into the eighth spot (1,400) to select corner Leon Hall as a replacement for the disgruntled Asante Samuel. I don’t think the Pats would make that kind of big splash unless they feel Hall can step right in. More realistically, the Patriots move one of the firsts to get a second rounder plus. And they will, as usual select the best player available who the “experts” didn’t see coming.

Now, back to the Sox!


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