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Friday, April 20, 2007


Game 1 - Pettitte vs. Schilling

Manny, Tek and Ortiz hit Pettitte well. Manny (424/470/695 in 59 abs) and Tek (400/444/844 in 36) could get out of their slumps after facing the MFY lefty. The trio are the only batters that have > 20 at-bats against the southpaw with the cutter. (In most case, anything less than 20 abs is too small of a sample size.) Schilling gets killed by Giambi, Posada, Abreu and Cano and fares okay against Jeter and A-Hole.

Game 2 - Karstens vs. Beckett

Neither has faced the opposition enough, besides Beckett-Abreu 182/419/409 in 44 abs, we know what Beckett brings to the table and Baseball America will assist with Karstens. His fastball is average sitting around 87mph. Karstens throws both a slider and curve for strikes and his change is above average and throws it at anytime.

Game 3 - Chase Wright vs. Matsuzaka

Basically, see the above. “Wright’s stuff is just solid -88-90 mph fastball, curveball, changeup…He lowered his slot to get more movement [see Joel Pineiro] and harnessed control of his heater in 2006, getting plenty of grounders and not allowing a homer in 343 at-bats by right-handers.” BA also mentions that Wright doesn’t have an out pitch. He sounds like a control pitcher that has to keep the ball down in the zone or he gets hit hard.

As for the MFY lineup, it is producing as expected with A-Hole performing like he wants to break his own record contract this winter. But the defense has been questionable at best.


Even though it’s been cold, it is starting to feel like the season has begun. We get rid of those terrible day weekday games and the MFY are here. Time to buckle up the chin strap.

BTW, Rivera owns Manny (184/256/519 in 38), but Tek (345/387/586 in 29) and Big Papi (318/375/500 in 22) hit him. Hopefully, he never makes it out of the pen.


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