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Saturday, February 17, 2007


1) Wily Mo Pena is an idiot for settling for only a $150,000 raise or his agent is terrible. Even if he lost his arbitration hearing to the Sox, the outfielder would still have made $1,725,000. The Sox must have had an extremely strong case to get Pena to agree to that contract. Pena should have the Union look into this situation.

2) The Red Sox investment in Roush Racing is about increasing every business’ leverage when negotiating with advertisers. It could be that if Miller Brewing wants to get into Fenway, then a sponsorship with Roush Racing would help move it along. It also gives the Sox an opportunity to shield more revenue from MLB by giving a sponsor a below market deal at Fenway and paying a premium with Roush Racing. The sponsor pays the same amount, but Sox would not need to share as much with MLB.

3) Franchising Asante Samuel is the right move. It was a no brainer with the Pats so far under the cap. Now, they have the right of first refusal and two first-round choices as compensation if Samuel leaves. The money to Samuel and the picks seem like a lot to give up for the cornerback when compared to the Branch trade.


“We see you as a real weapon in helping us win games," Epstein said. "We're going to try to pitch you as much as possible in as many important innings as possible and have you impact as many games as possible."

In the above quote, Theo was talking to Keith Foulke back in 2003 after his signing. The Sox did just what they said back in the glorious October of 2004.

The Red Sox so called “closer” comes into the A.L.C.S. Game 4 in the SEVENTH inning down one run and shuts the door on the MFY giving Kevin Millar the opportunity to earn a walk, Dave Roberts to steal second, Bill Mueller to single him home to tie the game and for Big Papi to send us home happy. Foulkie did the same hours later. With men at the corners in the eighth, he strands both by getting Matsui to hit a lazy fly to Manny allowing David Ortiz, Millar, Roberts, Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek to tie the game up in the bottom half. And with a little luck - the Tony Clark bounce into the stands in right - gets the game into extra frames to further cement the legend that is Big Papi. Keith Foulke is a huge reason why we all celebrated like no other time just a few Octobers ago.


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