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Monday, January 15, 2007


First off, what a great football game! I can’t be the only one that feels a parade coming on in early February, and right before pitchers and catcher report. Before getting to the Sox news over the weekend, Senator Charles Hagel (R-Nebraska) verbally bitch slapped Senator Joe Lieberman (I/D-Conn.) on national television during Meet The Press. This was a shocking language from a Senator to another member of one of the exclusive clubs in the world. First, Sen. Lieberman…

Look, we all want to bring our troops home as soon as possible. We all want to find the right exit strategy. But my own sense of history tells me that in war, ultimately, there are two exit strategies. One is called victory; the other is called defeat. The president offered a proposal the other night that holds the hope of victory in a critical battle for the Iraqis and for us. With all respect, the other proposals represent the beginning of a retreat, of a defeat. And I think the consequences for the Middle East, which has been so important to our international stability over the years, and to the American people, who have been attacked on 9/11 by the same enemy that we’re fighting in Iraq today, supported by a rising Islamist radical super-powered government in Iran, the consequences for us, for—I want to be personal—for my children and grandchildren, I fear will be disastrous. That’s why I want to do everything I can to win in Iraq. And, and, and I think that’s what my, my oath of office requires me to do.

Now, Sen. Hagel…

First, as I said before, I am not, nor any member of Congress that I’m aware of, Tim, is advocating defeat. That’s ridiculous, and I’m offended that any responsible member of Congress or anyone else would even suggest such a thing. Senator Lieberman talks about his children and grandchildren. We all have children and grandchildren. He doesn’t have a market on that, nor do any of my colleagues. We’re all concerned about the future of this country. But we have an honest disagreement here, and that’s what democracies are about.

Sorry about that folks, now about to our regularly scheduled programming.

The signing of Kyle Snyder for $535,000 is not a surprise, but what was that the Sox tendered him a contract when he was eligible for arbitration. He is not $200,000 better than the collection of other arms on the 40-man. With the upcoming addition of J.D. Drew, the Sox will have to drop a current player to make room for the right fielder.

Could a deal be in the works? Once the deal is finalized, with say…the Marlins (David Murphy for Gaby Hernandez), the Drew press conference occurs the next day. The Sox could NOW be holding up the Drew deal so not to make a tough roster decision.


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