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Monday, January 22, 2007


Since most NFL teams are fairly evenly matched, I go with the rule that which ever team makes the most big plays - turnovers, plays from scrimmage > 25 yards, big plays on special teams – wins the game. Unfortunately, that theory did not hold up yesterday and the Pats went down. It came down to three what used to be un-Patriot plays.

The first was Caldwell dropping a catchable ball wide open on the Indy 18. If Caldwell catches that ball, it is certainly first and goal with the Pats likely coming away with seven instead of three. The next was not even a play. The Pats were disorganized with 12 men in the huddle. Sure, it is only five yards, but those are the kind of penalties other teams are charged with not our Patriots. And the boys could not convert on a 3-and-4. The final mistake, which happened too often this season, was Banta-Cain roughing the passer on Indy’s final drive pushing the Colts to the Pats’ 23. We did not see the professional, methodical, disciplined, and focused Patriot teams that we have come to expect. Perhaps, we should have seen this coming after the dancing display in San Diego.

Regardless, 2006 was successful considering the Pats were without their starting Safeties and an ILB for most the year. The offseason should be interesting with the young Samuel, who may be a top corner now, an UFA. Will the Pats show him some love, let him go or franchise him? They also have two first-rounders in the draft giving them the ammunition to move up. Will double B go hard after Lance Briggs, as he did a few years ago when another Bears OLB was an FA? The draft is supposed to be weak at linebacker. Will they make a deal to bring in the highly talented and controversial, Randy Moss, as the Pats did with Corey Dillon? We shall see in the spring.

When does spring training start?


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