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Monday, December 18, 2006


It appears that the Sox made a nice deal acquiring Brendan Donnelly from the LAA for former waiver claim and southpaw minor league pitcher - Phil Siebel. Donnelly is an accomplished middle reliever that at a minimum gives the Sox added depth. Siebel looks like a future LOOGY or swing man in and out of the rotation like John Halama.

It appears to be a clear salary dump by the O.C. Donnelly will probably earn around $2 million in 2007. Even though they have been successful, it seems like LAA is taking a different approach to building a pen - going from finding diamonds in the rough to giving millions to free agent middle relievers. Regardless of the strategy out west, the Sox got a potentially valuable arm for next to nothing.

The Olde Towne Team also acquired another former relief laborer of the O.C. - J.C. Romero. Unfortunately, Romero looks a lot like LOOGY now. During his time with the Twins, Romero was able to get hitters from both sides of the plate - be it with control issues. He was a valuable arm coming out of the pen before Joe Nathan and Everyday Eddie.

“He’s a talented guy who had a difficult year,” Epstein said. “He had trouble getting in a rhythm all year long and didn’t repeat his delivery, which is certainly why he’s available at this cost. We see him as a buy-low guy, someone who’s a couple of adjustments away from being a very valuable addition to our bullpen.”

Based on those comments, Romero appears to be a scouting signing. Hopefully, the coaching staff can assist Romero. If they can’t, he becomes an expensive LOOGY at $1.6 million and a waste of resources, especially with Hideki Okajima in the fold.


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