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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Even though the Sox could still deal Manny, it is apparent, given the $106 million dollar investment, that the Olde Towne Team would only accept a trade returning “fair value” NOW. Buckle up fellow members of Red Sox Nation and get ready to be on Red Sox call next October. Sure, I’m jumping the gun - Dice-K isn’t done yet and the pen is a mess, but J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo signal that the “transition” phase is over.

As most readers know, I think the Sox should have taken a step back in 2007, and then spent money like a drunken sailor next winter. Dealing Manny to LA for LaRoche and Broxton, as Will Carroll reported was offered by the Dodgers, would have provided the Sox with the additional resources in 2008. Thankfully, the Sox decided that I should not become a full-fledged alcoholic with a bleeding ulcer by next fall, and to take full advantage of one of the best hitting duos in baseball history.

Anyway, I should probably curb my enthusiasm (Larry David, the nickel is in the mail) due to the pitching issues and will Manny be Manny in 2007. After reading today’s Boston Herald, things are looking up on the Dice-K dealings.

Boras noted, however, that no rules exist that would prohibit Seibu from paying money to Matsuzaka to help him come to a decision where he would sign with the Red Sox and the Lions collect their $51.11 million.

This could be a first - Scott Boras is publicly giving ground. He is not backing off his number, but he is not giving the Sox the middle finger, usually in the form of “a mystery team” has trumped your offer. A compromise between the three parties looks promising.

As for Manny, it was rumored that the possible straw that broke the camel’s back was Manny’s wife asking to move away from Boston and the mistress. For most, a request to uproot your family’s life is not a realistic possibility - divorce is, but Manny is not like most of us. He builds a house in his wife’s native country where we might go with the 100 Roses package from Calyx & Corolla, a company I’m associated with. But Peter Gammons on Sports Center last night said that Manny‘s “…wife wants to stay in Boston.” I think Manny is going to be his usual hitting machine next year.

Tomorrow - how to get a closer with the initials J.N. and when the deals are official a real analysis of each contract.


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