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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Okay the heading was posted to bring google search traffic over the long holiday weekend. This is my last post until the great return day or December 26th. The Dice-K analysis is on hold. When you work with numbers all day, it is hard for me to get motivated to write about it at night. It is coming along with a random rumblings, and by the way, how many of you got notices from Comcast about a rate increase?

Anyway…back on topic. The HOFer is not concerned, but I am worried that the Sox do not have a relief ace. Their best reliever appears to be the sandpaper man or Brendan Donnelly who they got for an often injured minor leaguer. The Sox will need to get creative to fill the void in the pen.

Since the Twins appear to be satisfied with a Nick Punto/Jeff Cirillo combo at the hot corner and Jason Jennings was dealt to Houston, my fantasy of bringing Joe Nathan to Boston seems as realistic as my dream three-way with …well this is kind of a family blog. It has taken me a few days, but here is another scenario:

* Mike Lowell and another arm like Phil Siebel to LAA
* Chone Figgins to Houston
* Brad Lidge to Boston

The Sox would then resign Mark Loretta and play him, Dustin Pedrioa and Eric Hinske at first and second base with Kevin Youkilis moving back to the hot corner. Lidge has some miles on his arm and a ballooning E.R.A. last year, but 104 strikeouts to only 36 walks in 75 innings can’t be ignored. If healthy, Lidge should dominate and fill a huge void for the Sox.

Fortunately for the Sox, Lidge may need a change of scenery and the Astros’ are deep in the pen with Trevor Miller, Dan Wheeler, Russ Springer and Chad Qualls. Beyond his incredible versatility, Figgins would decrease the number of automatic outs in the Astros’ lineup to only two, excluding the pitcher. He would also fill the bill as your classic lead off hitter. Resign Clemens and Houston could legitimately talks about October baseball.

As for LAA, they need additional sources of power, most notably at the infield corners. Lowell can assist in that area and at the position LAA has the least potential. Casey Kotchman or Kendy Morales could make the leap. Figgins, Izturis, Quinlan, or McPherson likely will not take their game up a notch. Lowell would be a nice short-term addition for LAA.

This three-way makes sense for each club, and if it doesn’t go down, Jon Lester can always finish games for the Sox. Celebrating Festivus also makes sense. Even though my recent posts would not indicate it, I’m not a shopper (btw, gift cards suck - cash is king) or religious so this season doesn’t mean much to me. “Festivus for the rest of us!”


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