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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Another interruption courtesy of Peter Gammons. It is great to have Gammons back! He said today that...

In reiterating that he wants to be traded, Manny Ramirez shook his head when asked about the Angels. "I want to go to the National League," Ramirez said. "That's what I want."

So let's run down the possibilities:

* The Padres, Pirates, Brewers, Reds, Marlins, and Braves are unlikely to have the financial guts, I mean, resources to take on Manny contract.

* The Mets, Phillies, and Cards will probably be looking to acquire pitching over the winter instead of busting their budgets on a hitting machine.

* The Astros, D-Backs, Giants and Rockies have dollars to spend, but are or should be rebuilding. Trading for Manny would not make sense on the field or the balance sheet.

* The Cubs could use Manny, but beside being a disaster of a franchise, they have nothing to offer the Sox other than Carlos Zambrano. Even the Cubs are not that stupid.

* The Nationals will have room for Manny with Soriano and Joes Guillen departing. He would be the centerpiece of, if healthy, a sick lineup: Lopez-Vidro-Zimmerman-Manny-Nick Johnson-Austin Kearns. But Jim Bowden probably would rather have his boy - Wily Mo Pena, the Nats have little to offer outside of the aforementioned and hot corner prospect - Kory Casto, and they need pitching more than hitters. A deal is not going to happen with D.C.

* The last possibility is one of the Red Sox West clubs - the Dodgers. As I said earlier, this is one of the few teams that Manny will not want a contract extension. He loved playing for Grady Little (I think because Manny finally felt intellectually superior to someone). The Dodgers have a need in center, second (Kent should move to first), and pitching, but they have a need for a slugger with Nomar possibly departing, Kent showing his age, and the unreliable J.D. Drew. We know Frank McCourt loves anything Red Sox (he did make a much better business purchase than John Henry though) and the Dodgers have young players (James Loney, Blake DeWitt, and Andy LaRoche) that the Sox should have great interest in. If the Sox need more than hot prospects in return, I can’t stop getting a three-way out of my mind and not the usual between me, a model from Barstool Sports, and Giada De Laurentiis - Manny to the Dodgers, J.D. Drew plus ca$h to the Braves and Andruw Jones to the Sox.


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