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Monday, July 31, 2006


Over the weekend, the MFY acquired Lidle and Abreu. Lidle is an upgrade, but Abreu is, of course, the star of the deal. Even if Abreu doesn't hit for the power he once did, he is still an OBP machine. He gives the MFY the potential for a very thick lineup similar to the Sox 2003 starting nine. Everyone works the count to drive the starter out of the game early, to then beat the hell out of the relievers in the sixth and seventh innings.

With the Sox scheduled to play the MFY fives times in four days in August, and four times in three days in September, it will get ugly if a Sox starter get knocked out early. It could be the beginning of the end for the 2006 edition of the Boston Red Sox. (2006 is the key in that last sentence. The MFY will have roughly $190 million in salary commitments before anything happens on Mussina's $17 million option for 2007. All of the dollars signs indicate that $200 million is around the break-even point, so it could mean no Zito, Mussina or anyone else worth mentioning wearing pinstripes next season.)

And today, the Sox do basically nothing, nada, because...

"In the end you have to do a balancing act. Is it worth sacrificing big pieces of your future for an improvement over two months? In the end we didn't think it was worth it."

Of course not, but with Nixon on the DL again, how about a southpaw bat to pinch hit for Wily Mo, when they bring in a righty with just a decent slider. Matt Stairs would have worked and he was dealt for "erratic arm" of a minor league reliever. Old friend, Todd Walker, would have fit the bill as well. He was traded for a 19 year-old "one-pitch pitcher with mechanical issues." The Sox have those type of guys throughout the organization.

Tonight, Boomer got it handed to him. He has never been overpowering so Wells has to keep the ball down to be effective. It didn't happend tonight. Also, Tek goes on the long list of the Red Sox banged up. Plus, it looks like we are going to have to endure another start from the likes of Jason Johnson, Abe Alvarez, David Pauley, or Kason Gabbard. What a wonderful fu$@in' few days in the Nation?

Until...David Ortiz does it again! Big Papi is a super freak. Everyone knows he is going to get it done. The legend of David Ortiz just keeps growing and I love it.


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