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Friday, June 02, 2006


*All homes should come standard with a urinal. It would end the question: Did you leave the toilet seat up? It would also cut down on the number of times one needs to clean the bowl. If the urinal is too much to ask, then we, as a society, should have every bowl glow in the dark. No one wants to put the lights on after waking up in the middle of the night to take a piss. A glow in the dark bowl would be limit the need to use the “force”.

*Here's a pitch for a new sitcom since they rarely come up with an original idea - Three's Company for the 21st Century - an engaged couple with a gay roommate all in their twenties. It just oozes high comedy.

*During my last check up at the dentist, (which reminds me why do I need to visit a doctor that specializes in just one small aspect of my body twice a year, when as a healthy male under 40 I need a primary care check up once every three years?), I was sooooo freakin' bored that I nearly fell asleep. Dentists need to have plasma sets on the ceiling or I’m dropping my check ups to once year.

*Podcasts will work in the four U.S. cities (Boston, NYC, DC, Chicago) that use public transit for their daily commute. Podcasts will kill time on the train. Besides these markets, everyone would rather watch T.V. on a 50 inch LCD rather than a tiny screen. Apple should target the European and Asian markets.

*Dave Chappelle should have a show on HBO. The powers that be need to make this happen ASAP! Speaking of da man, if you haven't seen Block Party, you are missing out on great music, comedy and editing if you are a movie geek.

*It is ashame that the Sport's Guy has been slumping ever since moving out West, but thankfully his reader's haven't.

While watching women's beach volleyball last weekend, I started thinking about ways to improve it. I think volleyball could use some divisions like boxing or wrestling. How about A-Cup, B-Cup, C-Cup and the heavyweight division of D-Cup and above. Ladies can play down but not up. Plastic surgery would be legal and encouraged. You could apply this idea to gymnastics and other sports too where boobs are a handicap and where the watchability of the sport is greatly improved.
-- Dave, Ashland, Mass.


Q: My friends and I advocate changing Kevin Youkilis' nickname from "Youk" to "KY." Just imagine Jerry Remy saying "KY finds another hole for hit." The awesomeness of KY is magnified when he hits after "Big Wily" Mo Pena. "KY and Big Wily team up for another Red Sox run." Is there anything better than that?
-- Garrett Ebersole, Cheshire, Conn.

I'm disappointed with myself and my buddies for not coming up with that sooner. I guess we have been let down with all of the Sanchezs (Freddy and Anibal) leaving the organization over the past few years. We haven't been at the top of our game or we are just getting freaking old.


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