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Thursday, June 01, 2006


…and it certainly won’t be the last that I am dead wrong. Clemens re-upped with the Astros. Being the glass half full guy that I am, at least I will not have to root for the bastard. So with David Wells on the D.L., Clement looking like the spring training version of Ricky Vaughn (maybe Matt just needs some nerdy glasses), and the Sox started a guy last night I didn’t even think should have been on the 40-man, it is time to explore plan C’s or pitchers outside of the organization.

Four teams have no shot at the postseason and they know it - Florida, Tampa, DC and KC. Tampa and KC have nothing on the pitching front that the Sox would be interested in. The D-Train is probably available for a price the Sox won’t even consider. The Nats have Livan Hernandez, who I mentioned earlier, and Tony Armas, Jr. that are both likely on the block. Hernandez is owed $15 million over the next two seasons and Armas will be a free agent after the 2006 year. Neither gets my blood boiling.

Other clubs that should eventually be sellers - the Cubs, Pirates, M’s and O’s - will deny the fact for another month or so for the fans or is it their dollars. Anyway, the Pirates have no pitching to trade. The O’s might dangle Benson and the M’s could have Moyer available, but in both cases it is unlikely to happen. Moyer is the American face of the franchise and Benson was just acquired for a dose of Mazzone magic. But the Cubs might entertain offers for Kerry Wood. The Cubs owe Wood $11 million this year and another $3 million when the club doesn’t pickup his option at $13.5 million. Wood does hold a no-trade clause, so he would probably demand his option to be exercised or some kind of extension. The Sox could work something out with the Cubs and Wood. We miss out on one Texass fireballer and acquire another, maybe?


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