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Thursday, May 25, 2006


*Country music is the gateway to voting Republican like pot for using “hard” drugs. I’m sure of it.

*One way to assist with getting money out of politics without any first amendment concerns is to increase the number of House members, thereby decreasing the number of citizens the current House members represent. Thus, each member would need to appeal to fewer constitutes, which should increase retail politics and decrease the need for costly ads and money in our political system.

*Right now, the Democrats are leading in the polls by default. As a Dem, I'm not even sure what we stand for other than the party is against the Republicans. We won't win anything like that. People vote for leaders. The people that set the agenda NOT react to it. The Dems compound this problem by moving to the right of the conservative position, which further demonstrates the lack of leadership. As it stands now, I doubt the Dems regain control of Congress. Rove and company are so much better than whoever is running the political strategy for the Dems.

*Every other major sport has modernized, football, hockey, and basketball, so why does baseball continue to hold onto the past with giving hand signals?

*I may have said this before, but it warrants repeating - if someone is waving or standing while on their cell phone at a game, then their cell number should scroll across the bottom of the television screen. If it is an attractive women, her measurements should be listed as well, and for a guy his net worth be noted too.

*Jon Lester will be in the Sox pen come August. He will be provide the club with a power southpaw like Alan Embree back in the day.

*The BJ-ays sent their season ticket holders to Spring Training, held a meet and greet BBQ with the players for free. When I was an Expos season ticket holder we got meet Frank Robinson, Javy Vazquez and other players on the field and could hang out in the dugout. It was good times. It is understandable that those type of events would not be advantageous for the Sox to pull off, but a Red Sox fan convention in late January or early February like the Cubs could easily happen. And it would bring in ancillary revenue to the club like the concerts, minor league games, and other events at Fenway. Are you reading this Larry?

*Isn’t Lasik eye surgery a form of unnatural performance enhancement like roids and greenies? Just asking.


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