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Monday, February 20, 2006


…Since the last installment of Random Rumbling Rants so here we go.

• If someone wants to purchase a big ass gas guzzling global warming vehicle, it certainly their right, but a truck that is so high that necessitates a step stool should NOT also have a handicap tag.

• There is no need for huge sports logos that take up the entire back windshield like a big NY or#24.

• NESN needs a Pats pre-game show.

• Never seeing Len Bias and Tim Duncan in Celtics green still hurts…like every night that I watch Brain Scalabrine.

• If a person is wearing shorts with lettering on the back, they should expect a firm slap on the ass.

• I’ve never made it to the new Tigers Stadium or Detroit for that matter (I value my life), but Pizza King and Tigers’ owner, Mike Ilitch, has to serve Meat Hooks or huge turkey legs at the game. It makes more sense then for them to be sold at theme parks as snacks for visitors to walk around with in between riding Space Mountain.

• “I love my wife” was on a bumper sticker; no need to say anything else.

• From an old Bill Simmons mail bag, Q: As a new father (and especially the father of a girl), you should watch out for the following fantastically horrific trick to play on a buddy with a new daughter: The next time you're in Vegas and end up in a gentlemen's establishment, buy the new father a dance, only pay the lady friend a little extra so that during the dance, she tells your buddy her name is [insert buddy's daughter's name]. If you watch your boy, you will be able to tell the exact moment at which she reveals her "name." Yes, I am going to hell. --Bucky, Houston – yeah, I’ll be pulling this one.

• How does 24 kill off one of the hotties in the first episode?

• Without my DVR and Curb Your Enthusiasm reruns (first time for me – yes, I’ve been slow to the Larry David party), I might not have made it through the last four weeks. The Bruins and Celtics are pathetic. Thankfully, the Sopranos are back and the Shield is the most underrated show on television.

• I was scrolling through cable channels and saw “Taco Eating.” For a few seconds, I thought Adelphia screwed up - giving me free porn in HD, and then I realized it was competitive eating.

• Since Burlington is back to the seasonably freezing weather, a coffee delivery service is so necessary. I should not have to make morning coffee nor leave my warm apartment to enjoy a cup of joe. Without coffee, I am an even bigger drag on society.


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