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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


My non-sports enthusiast friends really dig these kinds of posts. I guess it just like hanging out with El Guapo’s Ghost minus the mystery shots.

• I hope I am not the only one excited for Iron Chef America.

A Princess is trying to be a country music singer. I am not a country music aficionado, but how can she sing about drinking her sorrows away after breaking up with her abusive boyfriend with tears following over the can of PBR in the back of a pickup while petting her dog that she needs to put to sleep tomorrow?

• Wade Miller is the only one of the non-tenders that the Sox would have interest in now - David Eck. An incentive-landed two-year contract seems like the about the market for Miller, although everyone will have making bids on this starter so his price might rise to the $5-7 million per season range. Miller has…received clean bills of health this month from arm surgeon Dr. Lewis Yokum and Astros team physician Dr. David Lintner. Barring complications, Miller will start throwing on Jan. 3 in anticipation of being ready for spring training.

Giada De Laurentiis is my T.V. mistress, but my T.V. girlfriend, Rachel Ray, is okay with it.

Bob Raissman makes a great point on the Mets overpaying for Pedro. However it is no coincidence the signing of Martinez, a swaggering magnet of controversy, comes one year before Fred (Skill Sets) Wilpon is going to start a Mets regional sports TV network…With the TV business in mind, bringing Martinez to Shea is a master stroke. This is exactly the right time for Wilpon to begin creating a buzz for his product. The fans are one thing, but when you are only a year way from the debut a network, prospective advertisers must be given a reason to watch and ultimately purchase time.

• The first time I watched Fear Factor was last week at the gym. The only kind of time before was a parody of it on Chappelle Show featuring the crack addict kicking ass in the game. Someone needs to explain to me the desire to do all of the crazy tasks for ONLY 50 Grand! $hit. How about concentrating on getting a real job. These folks were getting bulldozed down a hill in a car! If they did not waive all liability, they could have sued Fear Factor for at least 50 G's.

AFKATBSG on the Celtics, That means they can't play the young guys, they can't trade Pierce for picks, they can't move GP...everything's on hold. They're in NBA purgatory. I finally enjoy watching the C's with Big Al George Jefferson and Tony Flying Hawk Allen. Danny sell Payton and others.

“When I am King”, sports will only be televised in high definition and porn too.

Cable is certainly better than puppies and chocolate, but not gravity. Gravity is essential for cable. And it is only better than a root canal when the service is down and more on-demand, HD channels and web surfing from the cable box to be displayed on the boob tube PIP so I can monitor Schilling’s pitch count.

Bravo is…you know…fabulous. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…” but just be open about it already.

• Why is there a light on my vacuum cleaner? As if I am going to clean in the dark and the freaking electronic device cost as much as a DVD player. The basic technology of the vacuum has not changed for at least 30 years. It is time for those prices to drop.

• Can someone email me on how to upload pictures from the net into my blog with step-by-step instruction so detailed a toddler could do it? I have tried with very little success.

• Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and peace on earth.


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