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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Yesterday was a tough day. I woke to learn that the world is going to have to endure another four years of George II, it was a Coors' icy 34 degrees (Is it possible to have ice form above the freezing temperature?), and I might be catching a cold. It was just a horrible day.

Folks, bear with me for a political rant. If you don't want to read it, then scroll ahead. (After reading my written rage, I probably offended everyone at least a little bit – for that I apologize. But this thing is my blog and it is a real blog, I have not Editor, bitch. Regardless, I promise this will be the last time I jump on my political soap box for sometime.)

John Kerry and my party, the donkeys, are a bunch of pussies. There I said it. I understand not wanting to politicize the worst tragedy in U.S. history, but the elephants did it in 2002. Does Max Cleland ring any bells? Couldn’t the donkeys learn something from George II “…fool me once, shame on ... shame on you. It fool me. We can't get fooled again."

Hello…! McKerry! You are not running for student council; you are running to be the leader of the world. Damn, the donkeys needed to fight fire with fire. Where was this theme?

George II did nothing to prevent 9-11 when he could have. 9-11 happened on George II's watch. We can not afford to give him another chance with our security. George II has not learned from his mistakes. We will be safer with McKerry.

It should have been everywhere. It should have been the focus of McKerry's attacks on George II. Turn George II's biggest asset into a weakness. The threat of terrorists is the number one issue. No one gives a $hit about jobs, health care or the deficit when you are worried about your life and your loved ones. (Yes, Clinton is to blame for 9-11, too, but the elephants can bring that up. Who cares? FYI – Clinton did not run in 2004.)

I give the elephants a ton of credit. They had a 2-7 off suit as starting cards against pocket ladies. The elephants won the hand by being extremely aggressive. They played a bad hand very well. The elephants made the donkeys piss themselves and throw in their ladies. They play the game much better than the donkeys.

I am now done with the donkeys. I can't take any more Clinton triangulation that has both parties vying for the five swing voters living outside of Disney World. The donkeys have lost their way and only a real liberal populist movement will attract the disenfranchised to vote. Forchristsake, we had near record breaking turnout at 60% and the elephants still won – much props - but talk about low expectations. We can't be a freaking democracy when 40% of the people have no voice!

El Guapo's Ghost will become an independent and the donkeys can forget about any more campaign contributions - bunch of jack asses! Damn, it was not supposed to be that long. $hit. I must sound like Lewis Black but not funny. Anyway back to your regularly scheduled program tomorrow.


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