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Friday, November 19, 2004


• I am seeing more and more MFY caps around town and now instead of shaking my head in disgust, I just laugh it off now like an amusing fart joke. There are tons of them and all are worth at least a chuckle.

• When is a GM going to make a solid free agent signing? They have all committed multiple years to mediocre talent while loosing a draft pick next June.

• If Randy Johnson will only be traded to a club with a legit shot at winning a World Series, then the ChicSox are out. The MFY do not have enough. Anaheim’s best RJ trade bait – McPherson and Kotchman – appear to be penciled in at the corners (of course, they could make other moves and the still could deal Santana). St. Louis looks like they are proposing the best deal - Dan Haren, Kiko Calero and Rick Ankiel. Theo can do better than a never was, a middle of the rotation guy, and a pitcher’s name that rhymes with a Price is Right game.

Ryan Howardis a name to remember. The Phillies minor league power hitting first baseman could be dealt this winter. Thome will not be traded and the Phillies are unlikely going to change Howard’s position necessitating a trade of Abreu or Burrell for 50 cents on the dollar. Ed Wade should be in the RJ and the Big Three lottery using Howard as his trump card.

• I wanted to stay away for the whole morality-FCC-ABC cross-promo thing, but after reading Wilbur I have to throw this one out there: “Any publicity is good publicity.” Disney’s marketing folks were counting on this. Powell was more than willing to jump on this to grab the news cycle for a few days away from the disaster in Falluja, the poor economic numbers, the vote to increase our debt, etc. It should have been a terrible news week for the Bush II. Unfortunately, a fu&kin’ towel dropping mid-aged actress gets all of the headlines. Anyway, I got to run Pornucopia is On-Demand.


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