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Monday, November 08, 2004


Due to the Sox Championship run, I had no ease into winter and so I forgot that the GM Meeting is this week. The Meeting is one of the first steps in winning the 2005 World Series. Championships are won over the winter and lost in the summer.

The Boston media attention, as well it should be, is focused on the Sox progress in resigning their free agents. It is certainly The Story, so I want to discuss a free agent that could be the best buy and a fit for the Red Sox Philosophy.

Troy Glaus has gotten some notice this offseason but not as much as he should. Glaus is a pure power hitter with patience at the plate. In 2004, Glaus’ Isolated Power was 324 or fourth in MLB. Glaus’ career IsoP is 244 or the same level as Gary Sheffield this past season. He also demonstrates discipline at the plate. Since Glaus’ first full season in the Show, he has not had an OBP lower than 350 and has averaged more than a BB per every 10 abs. At the age of 28, given a normal development curve, Glaus should be productive for a number of years like his comparables that include Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, and Harmon Killebrew.

Some clubs will be turned off by the high strikeout numbers and his shoulder injury that caused Glaus to miss a good portion of 2004. The Sox are not overly concerned with high K totals as demonstrated with, not only Bellhorn but Manny and Big Papi as well. Theo and company are too smart to get hung up a hitter's strikeout numbers.

As for the shoulder, it will only get stronger. Plus, the Sox wouldn't need Glaus to play the hot corner right away. He could work back into the position. The Sox just need him to mash and the shoulder was good enough to do just that in the post season. I think one of Glaus' dingers was just found in the bathroom of the Cambridgeport Saloon. Hey, they only can the john once a month.

Currently, Glaus is not a fit on the Red Sox roster. Mueller is valuable and cost effective at the hot corner with Youk as a backup. Millar and Minky are signed for 2004 and Big Papi is cemented as the Designated Hitter. But if Glaus can be inked at a number right for the Sox, then he will be rocketing balls onto and over Lansdown. Tito, Theo and the Trio will find at-bats for the Troy "some how…some way," as they did a few years ago for Ortiz and Mueller.

Other Notes

• Troy Brown is Tim Wakefield for the Pats; he’ll do anything for the TEAM.

• As for starting pitchers, the Sox should think about Jon Lieber and David Wells rather than Pavano and Radke. They are likely cheaper with similar results and styles - control/pound the strikezone type of pitchers.

Red Sox Nation is not for sale.


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