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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


When I saw on Dirt Dogs yesterday that Pedro had a meeting with Boss Hog, I flipped. My initial reaction was here we go again. MFY - I hate them. Then after getting my head on straight with the help of some friends, I concluded that “it’s nothing personal, it is just business.”

Jayson Stark reported on Friday, November 12th that...

An official of one team that had some initial, tentative interest in Pedro Martinez says that interest all but ended once the Red Sox offered him $25.5 million for two years.

"I can't see any other team giving him $12.5 (actually $12.75) million a year," the official says. "He should take that offer before they change their minds."

...and then Stark’s co-worker, MFY lovah, and foolish promoter of the productive out, Buster Olney, yesterday reported long after Dirt Dogs that...

Two American League executives -- one had spoken with the Yankees, the other had been in contact with Martinez's agents -- told ESPN.com's Jayson Stark that Tuesday's meeting in Tampa was requested by Martinez's agent, Fernando Cuza.

The Red Sox are not going to pull a Tom Hicks and bid against themselves. Cuza and the good folks at SFX had to find another suitor. Boss Hog is the perfect choice. The other news of the day has an immediate impact on the future of the Sox - the signing of Cristian Guzman.

Guzman inked a great deal for him with the D.C. club for $16.8 million over four years. Jim Bowden also signed Vinny Castilla; it must be nice to spend other people’s money. Anyway, Guzman and Vizquel’s deals likely end the possibility of Orlando Cabrera returning to the Sox.

Lando should not accept the Sox presumed offer of, at most, two years plus an option. The smooth fielding and free swinging short stop should easily get a four year deal worth at least $25 million. The Sox will not match those terms.

On the positive side, the Old Town Team will certainly offer Lando salary arbitration, he will reject the offer and Theo and the braintrust will get an additional high draft pick in June. Thanks to Brian Sabean’s foolish strategy and Bowden being unaccountable to anyone, it ends any glimer of hope of signing Lando. The SS market has been flipped upside down; it should have been a soft market.


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