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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Memo to Papa Jack: the Sox made Sunburn and the A-Holes pay last night. I was so relaxed that I went to the bar for food last night missing an at-bat or two.

Schilling made four mistakes, including at throwing error to first, but pitched very well. The lineup worked Washburn, got their pitches and made him pay. My only complaint is that Timlin is likely not available tonight because he pitched in a meaningless ninth inning with a six run lead, when the Leskanic and Lowe could have gotten three outs before yielding five runs. It is okay becuase Foulke can go two tomorrow and Embree is ready as well, but still not necessary. But game one is over, and I want to pull down the post-it-note with "10" tomorrow.

Petey is the key and like back in 2001, I am concerned about my guy. As we know, he has not pitched effectively of late. Pedro has me "in wonderland" and not the one on the blue line. Does anyone really know what to expect from Pedro?

A-Hole fans can be a bit more confident about their Fattie Fastballer. He has been more productive of late, beside one start, and has improved in the area - giving up the long ball - that has hampered his overall effectiveness this season. Colon has given up a career high 38 dingers or 1.6 hr/9. Over his good recent stretch, the Fattie has yielded 4 homers over 40 innings, which is more in line with his career numbers. Thankfully, five Sox have hit Colon well in the past with an 850+ OPS - two (Damon and Minky) passing EGG's statitiscally significant test (SST) and all greater than 20 at-bats.

All that being said, it all comes down to Pedro. If Pedro pitches well tonight and the Sox win, they have a huge advantage going forward. And Pedro will pitch the Sox to a victory tonight! We forget that Pedro is a great big game pitcher as well.


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