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Friday, October 22, 2004


The Red Sox are going to play Game 1 of the Fucking World Series tomorrow at Fenway Park! It literally just sunk in after finally getting a good night’s sleep in about 30 at-bats or chances and as I am typing, I am holding back tears. The Sox came down from three games to beat The New York Yankees! Repeat, The New York Fucking Yankees in the Bronx!

I was just starting sixth grade when the Sox got to the Series in 1986. I remember going out in the school yard with two other students, a spray can and a white sheet from our teacher. She instructed us to spray in red “GO RED SOX” onto the sheet to hang from our classroom window. At the time, I could not understand why an authority figure would ask me to take part in questionable action. I never spray painted anything let alone a bed sheet. If my parents knew, I would be punished. I didn’t care – this was to support my guy, Jim Rice. Rice threw my Dad a baseball for me at my first game after catching a flyball for a third out against the A’s. It was for Yaz, who I watched on T.V. with my number 8 painters’ cap on, while crying as he shook hands and thanked the fans in his last game at Fenway.


We need four more wins to avenge the losses of those truly great Sox teams in 1946 and 1967 – they had the best record and run differential in the A.L. – that lost to the MFY of the National League. The Cardinals have nine championships. They are second to the MFY all-time. Talk to Cubs fans. The Cards are not that great of a franchise. Talk to older Sox fans that recall Bob Gibson dusting hitter after hitter. And let’s not forget who their Manager is Tony Freakin’ LaRussa. It’s the same guy whose A’s clubs in 1988 and 1990 crushed our hopes for another pennant with the core from 1986. LaRussa is the reason why games last three and half hours. The Cards may not be the “Evil Empire” but this franchise should not be mistaken for a group of alter boys.


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