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Monday, October 11, 2004


Everyone is getting what they want another WWF Steel Cage Death Match. I did not really care which team made it out of the other ALDS. I just wanted it to go five so that Mussina or Santana would go in Game 3 instead of the opener.

As we know, my wish wasn’t granted. Now, both clubs have set their starting rotations for this series. The Sox will have an advantage with Pocket Aces. But the two keys for winning the pennant are: average 20-25+ MFY pitches seen per inning and neutralize the bottom third of the MFY lineup.

The MFY starters are questionable, but all have the potential to pitch a great game. The Sox lineup has to be patient. It is even more imperative for the Sox to run up high pitch counts on the MFY starters than Anaheim's. The MFY pen is weak. Rivera and Gordon are tough but the rest of the relief corps are very hittable. (I feel Gordon can be hit too. He only throws fastballs for strikes - just wait for the 95mph heat. That's easy, right?;) The Sox will win if they make Torre call on the likes of Tanyon Sturtze, Felix Heredia, and Esteban Loaiza.

It is tough to shut down ALL of the first six players in the MFY lineup over a seven game series, but the bottom third is entirely possible. John Olerud (go with fastballs inside and southpaws), Ruben Sierra (away, away, away), and Miguel Ciaro (pitch low and inside) can all be neutralized. This will limit the possibility of a big inning and running up the pitch count of the Sox starters.

The Sox need to exploit the MFY two real weaknesses: the bottom third of the order and their middle relief. If the Red Sox can not, it is going to be another close series. If they can and with Pocket Aces, the series might not make it back to the Bronx.

Random Rumblings and News & Notes

• “Ortizzle my Nibble” and “I love it when you call me Big Poppi” was said multiple times on Friday. My apologizes to everyone I spoke to that evening.

• I am not getting my hair cut until the Sox get a L. Hopefully, I'll go as Johnny Damon for Halloween.

• This past week, we have learned that Iraq had no WMD, no ties to the bastards responsible for September 11th and continued loss of life in Iraq. So how the hell is John Kerry losing 50-46 in the recent ABC poll? My former Senator, please get your $hit together.

• I am willing to trade my Kerry vote to a Nader voter in a swing state. Please send me an email if you are interested.

• Kerry even waffles on Sox or Cards. Give me a break. Just pick one team for the love of God.

• How about an ad in NH showing when Dick Cheney was in MFY Stadium with a MFY hat on, then go to him with the President in the Oval Office. The voice over would state “The Evil Empire’s tentacles have even reached the most hallowed halls on our Nation.” Then the commercial goes to Kerry in a Sox jacket at Fenway with the voice over, “Stop the spread of Evil in America.” The 30-second ad ends with a split screen of both Dick Cheney and Big Stien in MFY hats. I think that would make N.H. a blue state. As the Guinness guys would say “brilliant!”

• Mark Blount, Googs, Perkins and of course, The Truth looked good on Saturday at UVM.

• Gary Payton played like crap which made me think of Dominique's tenure with the C's but that seems unlikely.

• Shira Springer is the Globe’s best looking reporter. She needs more airtime. I am done seeing Ryan, Edes, Hohler, etc. on the tube. BTW, does Holley even write any more?

• Wouldn't be great if Millar and Tek heat up right about now?

• Congratulations to the Pats!

• Braves or 'Stros? On one hand, I want the Sox to beat the lying traitor. On the other, I could get tickets to Turner.


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