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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Sox news day that is so a few interesting links below. Tonight, I'll be looking at options for right field.

The Boston Dirt Dogs are reporting on Nomar that...

Never mind trading him, if the softens his stance, and loses the attitude, he'll be resigned.

This is the first time in awhile that anyone has even discussed the possibility of the most popular player since Yaz staying with the Sox beyond 2004.

David Leonhardt for a Red Sox owner, The New York Times, discusses “Baseball's New Generation of Benchmarks.” Leonhardt makes a case for the 300 BA to be replaced with 375 OBP and 500 SLG as the new “benchmarks” of a good hitter. I could not agree more.

Gammons seems like the only person to recall that…

although it [a MFY getting hit by a pitch] was going to happen sooner or later after Nomar Garciaparra got smoked the night before by Gordon and A-Rod hooked Bill Mueller as the third baseman turned a double play at second base.

No matter what your politics is, this is an interesting Red Sox metaphor from Mickey Kaus for Slate…

Little stuck with Martinez, with the well-known result. Voters, Democrats can say, shouldn't make that mistake. A fresh president would not only bring new energy to the task of stabilizing Iraq, he'd bring new powers as well. Specifically, he'd be able to wipe the slate clean, to go to our potential allies and say, "You know that Bush fellow who talked so much about going it alone? He's gone. It's a new day, and we're ready to cooperate." It almost doesn't matter whether this pitch would be sincere or not; flushing problems out the door with a departing CEO is a standard executive ploy, even if the incoming CEO would have done exactly the same thing. It often works.

But I'm getting my metaphors all garbled, as I feared. The beauty of the Martinez Metaphor is that it doesn't require convincing voters that they made a mistake by electing Bush in 2000. (Well, most of them didn't elect him, but at any rate it avoids the need to convince voters that the election of 2000 elevated the wrong candidate--a conclusion they instinctively and healthily resist.) They don't have to hate Bush to get rid of him, any more than Boston fans would have hated Martinez if he'd been pulled. They can applaud him for leaving the game with a lead--and by extension applaud themselves for their managerial skills.


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