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Friday, July 30, 2004


Back in my school days, my lunch box treat was the Hostess Cupcake not Twinkies. Twinkies never agreed with me and the baseball club with the same nickname does not sit well either. The Twins have won nine out of their last ten contests. Most recently, completing a three game sweep of a banged up (Ordonez and Thomas are out) Other Sox club. And the Twins are putting a better club on the field than when they took two out of three at Fenway earlier this season.

As mentioned yesterday, the Sox oppose their three best starters - Lohse, Radke and Santana. In the earlier series, the Sox got Silva instead of the man since the Break that is reminding folks of a southpaw Pedro in his prime. (The Sunday game should be on ESPN – what a matchup!) At the plate, the Twins have replaced LeCory’s 270/328/420 with Stewart’s 308/399/423, and finally sat Mientkiewicz’s 238/334/356 for Morneau’s 272/314/506. Even with the injury to Mauer resulting in Blanco stationed behind the dish, the Twins are a superior offensive club now than the one that took the field at Fenway. It is going to be a tough three games for the Sox in the Dome.

Other Ramblings, News, Notes and Links

• It is ironic that all of Schilling’s losses have come on the road since he was initially concerned about pitching at Fenway.

• Jon Stewart found that the Democrats’ message has made it out to the streets of Boston in the form of “Yankees Suck” and something like “A-Rod is queer.”

• Sports Center in High Def is worthless. The vast majority of the highlights are not in High Def.

• Four days of American Bandstand at the Fleet Center was fun.

• I rarely agree with Joe Scarborough’s politics, but he is an insightful political analyst.

A few excerpts from the Daily Show's Rob Corddry’s Chat on Boston.com

Q: Is Jon Stewart a Yankee fan?
Jon Stewart is a Mets fan ... to my endless frustration.

Q: What is the strangest thing you've seen at the convention?
The strangest thing I've seen at the convention was Joe Scarborough running up to me with open arms and then hugging me. I was engulfed in "Scarborough country." For those of you who don't know who Joe Scarborough is, he's horrible -- but smells nice, very musky. Like speed stick ...

Q: Are there any Republicans who work on The Daily Show?
Yes, there are Republicans that work at The Daily Show. And Jon, I believe, is a registered Independent. We only SEEM left-leaning now because of the Bush Administration.

Q: I understand the Daily Show is now the top rated news show for the 11pm time slot- is it possibly it will move to an earlier spot, or be syndicated to network tv for a wider audience?
No chance at all, but that does reflect a frustration that people have with the actual news that they are turning their backs on the media and to shows like ours.


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