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Friday, July 16, 2004

I read the Globe’s sports section today because I did not watch the game last night.  (I plan on watching the remaining games this month and keeping with my pledge to stay away from the mainstream Boston sports media.)  Even rarer is that I agree with Curly Haired Boy’s basic point – starting DLowe the first game after the Break is a mistake.  Wallace’s argument is below with my comments immediately following his points:  
1. The first thing you have to do is just get everybody in their comfort level... 

Pedro has started numerous times after the Break and is fully rested so he should have been comfortable starting last night’s game.  Petey did not indicate otherwise.  Thus, Lowe was more comfortable than Petey and the other starters.  It seems reasonable after DLowe complained about his long time without pitching in early April.  Remember the 10 days without pitching was a factor in his poor performance against the MFY on April 18th little did we know then.

2. Lowe should pitch often because of his sinker. 

Hello, McFly, it doesn’t sink.  DLowe is ineffective.  Hence, should not pitch often. 

3. Pedro needs a blow this time of the year, but he's still coming back, second game in. 

Pedro’s DL stints give Wallace’s argument some merit, but one day can’t make a heck of a lot of difference.  If Pedro needs a real rest, push him back to Monday against Seattle.  

4. We've got to win as many games as we can regardless of whether it's the Yankees or not. 

It does not matter that Pedro will miss the MFY.  The issue is that starting DLowe in game 1 after the Break, in theory, it limits the opportunities that the vastly more effective starters will pitch.  DLowe would not start Opening Day with Schilling and Pedro in the same rotation.  The same principle applies here. 
Tito, Wallace are now added to my $hit list with Manny. 

"He [Manny] said it was pretty stiff," Francona said. "He didn't have much of a chance [to rest] at the All-Star Game.” 

Exactly, Manny should not have played.  Tito got a stiffie from Manny. 


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