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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


"The only way I'd probably want to leave is if a trade would benefit the Diamondbacks by my leaving. And maybe the way to do that is if they wouldn't have to pay my salary and it could go to some other players that would help them -- and if I got to a situation that was going to work for me.

"I'm not going to leave to go to a situation where they theoretically have a (slight) chance to win. There has been no list of teams (he would go to). Just teams that have a (good) chance to win. That's the only way.

Now that we know Randy Johnson's criteria, in theory, teams with a chance at a title and the cash to pay the future HOFer roughly $3.5 million this season, $10.5 next and $6 million of deferred salary in both 2006 and 2007 include: the MFY, Other Sox, Anaheim, Our Sox, NYM, Phillies, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers and Padres. The Other Sox, Cardinals, Padres and Dodgers have suspect financial resources or owner unwillingness to take on RJ’s level of debt. The Red Sox, MFY and Cubs do not have the prospects nor are they going to be able to acquire them to get a deal done. This leaves Anaheim, the Mets, and Phillies.

The D-Backs would be crazy to settle for anything less than the package Seattle attained for Freddy Garcia – a young MLB everyday player with upside, a potential MLB All-Star in AAA and a promising youngster. The D-Backs do not have to move the future HOFer either.

As Jayson Stark puts it, the D-Backs see themselves getting back into contention by next year. But without him [Randy Johnson at the start of the rotation], it's a whole different picture.

In the weak NL West, good young talent on the rise, and money (roughly $25.5 million coming off the books this season, not including Sexson’s $8 million) to spend this winter, the D-Backs should be back next year. The D-Backs should wait to be blown away by an offer, which will likely never materialize.

The Both the Mets and Phililes have been adamant about not trading their top prospects. Anaheim’s trio of Kotchman, Mathis and McPherson could all be playing in the O.C. next April for the minimum. It would be difficult for Stoneman to part with two of these young guns, although Arte Moreno may have an opposing view given his aggressive marketing strategy.

One other man, Randy Johnson can make a deal happen if he gets totally worn out with loosing over the next few weeks. But it doesn’t appear like that is going to happen, even though "Winning a World Series," in Boston "would far outweigh any individual accomplishments" said Johnson.

(I added “in Boston.” It is okay because I am not a journalist. This is blog damn it!)


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