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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I was going to write about my boredom over the last couple of evenings that will likely continue until Friday, when I’ll be able to watch the Sox again, but I have to comment on the Nomar-Chicago (either club)-Randy Johnson rumors. I’ll make this short and sweet – the Cubs don’t have the prospects to deal and the middle of the lineup is already dominated with RHB (Sosa, Alou, Ramirez, Lee), as for the White Sox, they already have a productive SS and both clubs have to be concerned about assisting a potential playoff opponent. The only club that makes some sense is Florida.

The Champs are 15th in the N.L. in runs scored and basically, 11th in AVG/OBP/SLG. They have offensive issues. The current SS, Alex Gonzalez is hitting 250/275/450 and won’t get better. The Sox/D-Backs would likely ask for one of the Marlins top position prospects, JJ Stokes and Jeremy Hermida, and a pitcher or two. In theory, the rub would be which position prospect. Assuming the Marlins are sold on Choi, Stokes would be the Marlins first choice to move. If the D-Backs are intent on re-signing Sexson, then they don’t have a need for the power hitting first base prospect. The D-Backs would like insist upon Hermida, even though they already have two outfield prospects. The Marlins would be reluctant to part with Hermida as they have a long-term need for the outfielder. Hermida is also considered the better prospect by most. Plus, the Sox would likely have to bankroll Loria once again for this deal to work increasing their tax payment.

As much as Nomar’s at-bats upset my ulcer, he is a vital cog in the offense and should not be dealt. The obvious reason is that Tito doesn’t have to scribble Pokey in the number nine hole. The not so apparent rationale is that Nomar is critical to the lineup against southpaws. Ortiz and Nixon against lefties or their platoon mates are near automatic outs. Without Nomar, the LHP gets three outs right off the top. The Sox can not give up that many outs.

And now this will be the last time I write about RJ until a deal happens. Between posts and emails over the last couple of weeks I am tired of this situation. I am sticking with my first take - only Anaheim has the willingness and assest to get the Big Unit.

BTW, Manny is on my $hit list…until he hits a game winner.

BTW2, a couple that hit every MLB and minor league park says that Fenway just doesn’t cut it but has the best atmosphere.


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