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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Terry Adams is the newest member of the Sox. Adams is certainly needed with Leskanic going on the DL. The club really needs to get healthy sooner rather than later. A pen comprising of Foulke, Timlin, Embree, Williamson, Leskanic and Adams would be outstanding.

Unfortunately, Adams is not a strikeout power pitcher needed in Williamson's absence. Adams does throw in the low 90's trying to keep the ball down hitting his spots. A slider/cutter is his out pitch. He can be used in middle and even long relief. Adam's versatility will be an asset once the entire pen is healthy.

Adams is having his worst season after becoming a full-time reliever with a BP's Adjusted Runs Prevented score of -2.5 (10.1 in 2003 and 8.3 in 2002). Adams' poor numbers is due to is terrible inability at preventing inherited runners from scoring so far this season. He is fifth worst in MLB. Non-strikeout pitchers have a tougher time preventing inherited runners from scoring than the K-Rod's of the world, since a runner, for the most part, needs a ball to be put into play to get home. Hopefully, Adams luck will change for the better with batted balls finding gloves rather than holes.

The Sox gave up John Hattig. Hattig is not a top prospect even in the Sox organization, but he has demonstrated knowledge of the strike zone with some pop at the hot corner. He fits the Blue Jay offensive philosophy. The trading of Hattig indicates the Sox are confident at third with Bellhorn, Youkilis and Mueller.

Random Rumblings

• I go back and forth on whether or not I like women wearing tube tops and mini skirts at Fenway.

• PJ's is a great find.

• Doug Mienasljgas;tlh would make a nice fit at second base. A 274/370/400 hitter has value at second, but not much when manning first.

• A Marlins fan sat next to me on Friday night at Fenway. After I told him the Sox did not run promotions, he still had a tough time getting over the fact that he was not going to get a free dozen of Krispy Creams when the Sox got 12 hits.

• Real Sports on HBO had a segment on the FBI’s investigation into BALCO. Through the entire piece, I couldn’t stop thinking that the resources of the FBI could be better used to fight terrorism than BALCO. I guess when ‘roids gets a couple of minutes in the President’s in his State of the Union the Juice Guys are going down.

• If the Sox retire Eck’s number, I’ll be pissed.

• Benny A - "referees"? You mean well, but get out of the spot light. Please you are a near embarrassment.

• It is a big week for the Marlins with four against Philly. Pavano and/or Penny could be out of South Florida by the weekend.

• Pappas' documentary, "Orwell Rolls in his Grave" is a must see. The film takes a look at the consolidation of the media industry and its affects on society. Currently, it is not playing in a lot of areas, but email me if you are interested. Perhaps, we can work out some kind of internet library/lending thing.

• Ricky Williams retires. HaHa. I hate the Dolphins.

• From the AFKATBSG’s reader, Sara Regan, Is there a female equivalent to the phrase "sausage-fest"? Since this is a family blog, please leave all suggestions in the comments section.


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