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Monday, June 21, 2004


• What's Wake's problem? Is he hurt? Wake has given up 22 runs in 16 innings to date in June.

Francona said before the game. "[Manny] He'll be available to pinch hit and help us win, so we're trying to pick our spots and use good judgment." – Why was McCarty pinch hitting instead of Manny yesterday in the eighth?

• Why was Millar playing in right field? SBC/PAC Bell could be the toughest right field in the Majors.

• Why didn't the Sox relievers make Fonzie beat them to the big part of the park? It is 420 with the wind blowing in to right. They should have pitched him away.

• Why “Press Your Luck” with Fonzie? Foulke should have pitched; the Sox got whammied.

News and Notes on…


• I hate Jack Nicolas - MFY and Loser Lakers fan. I am boycotting his movies. I have no respect for bandwagon fans.

• I would have loved to live in NYC during the 1950's. Three MLB clubs just a subway ride away.

• Memo to Buddy Boy, move the Dodgers back to Brooklyn and place the Expos in L.A.

• It's Lima Time...is always a fun time.

and MFY…

Asked if Cano had been switched for a showcase, a Yankee official would not be specific but said, "Somebody wanted to see him play third, yes. You can read into that." – Both the Royals and Mariners are looking for a young player to man the hot corner but neither club should desire a middle infielder playing third. Cano has 117 extra base hits (27 homers) in 1366 at-bats none of which are higher than AA. If he fills out and gains twenty plus pounds, Cano could develop the power associated with a traditional third baseman. If not, he is likely to top out as a Joe Randa, Bill Mueller, Polanco type of player. Cano should not be on Baird and Balvasi wish list.

"Real Red Sox fans are sick and tired of this obsession with the Yankees," says Steve Silva, webmaster of the site www.bostondirtdogs.com. "Yankees Hater is just a rip-off of Yankees suck. It's cheap and low-rent and makes us look like idiots." – We do need to be educated on the MFY just like the Sox’s other competition for the four playoff spots.

As well as…

“And see, my editor wanted to me to remove that”Wilbur, if you have an editor, it’s not a blog.

Joe Sheenan “…by trading Koch, the Sox have freed up enough money to add Carlos Beltran without changing the payroll by more than a million bucks or so.” – Koch to the Marlins kills my notion of Kim and Bellie for Penny.

• It is nice to have Junior back. I still have your Upper Deck rookie card.

• In a recent chat on ESPN.com,

Dunsel: How many ABs against a particular pitcher is statistically sufficient to rely on for purposes of matchups?

Rob Neyer: I've never seen anything like a good answer to this question, but I do know that 10 or 20 at-bats -- sample sizes commonly cited by broadcasters -- aren't nearly enough to tell us anything. What would make more sense is to cite how batters fare against specific types of pitchers. We'll get there, someday...

This is certainly one of my pet peeves with broadcasts. They should only make note of pitcher-hitter stats when they have seen each other at least 25 times or if a player dominates the other like 0-15 with 12 K’s or 10-12 with seven homers.


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