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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


• Big fan of Fresh Prince here, NOT Will Pinkett, the Fresh Prince.
• Yesterday it was 34 degrees out and the patrons before me at Dunkin’ ordered ice coffee. First, I didn’t think ice coffee was even available at Dunkin’ this time of the year. Second, the formula is NOT temperature > 1 degree + freezing = ice coffee. Third, I got to move out of this freaking tundra.
• El Guapo’s Ghost diet to loose weight is to burn more calories than you eat. Two other tips: take the stairs and drink water. The diet is not Atkins Approved but it works.
• If you are going to drink a low carb beer without any taste, then just drink the sh^t stuff like PBR, Old Style, Red White and Blue, Black Label or Hams. Why waste the cash?
• Football is over. The Celtics are terrible. Baseball does not begin for eight weeks and the Sopranos are only one hour on Sundays starting March 7th so I went to Blockbuster. I don’t really watch films; my life is a movie. So its been sometime since my last visit to mega-movie rental corp., but when did start being appropriate to NOT say “excuse me” when walking in front of someone while they are checking out the new releases?
• I watched four movies – two very good, one okay and one below par. Lost In Translation and American Splendor are fabulous. They are must sees. Out of Control is worth a rental. Drug parties are cool, right Chico? Punch Drunk Love was disappointing. All of the characters just annoyed the hell out of me. I long for the old Sandler. Please go back to your raunchy, sophomoric humor that I enjoyed so much. Haven’t you made enough money? And what is up with you liking the Knicks?
• A courtesy flush is not a signal to knock on the bathroom door to ask how long I’ll be. Period.
• If you need a Red Sox or baseball fix, go to www.baseballprospectus.com. They have an incredible interview with Don Theo. The first half is free and the second is for premium customers. The second half has all of the juicy stuff. If you are reading this site, you probably won’t be disappointed with a subscription to BP Premium.


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