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Thursday, May 10, 2007


* Wonder if Theo has inquired about Mark Prior? In a year or so, he could take Pap's spot in the rotation as the Sox third young ace.

* This may not be news to some, but it is to me - Curb is coming back this fall!

* The Red Sox should put on an winter fan convention like the Cubs.

* Drew Barrymore is not the most beautiful person. I bet she is not even in anyone's top 20. I would rather go home with any of Barstool Sports Boston's 25 Sexiest Bartenders and Waitresses than Barrymore. With anything that doesn't make sense, I followed the money.

People Magazine is owned by Time Warner that also owns Warner Brothers. WB put out Barrymore's newest date movie this past weekend(BTW, has she ever made a non-cheesy movie after E.T.). Of course, extra publicity a week before the movie opened couldn't hurt and someone(s) was trying to cover their ass at WB. Only a mentally challenged executive puts a movie out against Spider Man 3.

Update: I wrote this over the weekend. As many know, SM3 broke all kinds of records. And Lucky You...the only other major movie opening Friday was Warner Bros' Lucky You, a 2-year-old pic directed by Curtis Hanson and starring Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana and dumped opposite SM3. The poker pic only managed 6th place with $2.6 mil this weekend from 2,525 theaters. Given that I'm told the film cost $58 million, plus another $34 million in promotion and advertising, this is a major wipeout for Warner Bros. Look out! The firing squad is heading to the corner offices at the WB.

* Men need an equivalent to the engagement diamond ring. Any suggestions?

* The NFL pushes character, as they should, and clubs likely weigh off-the-field issues more than in the past. But our Pats see it as an opportunity to find undervalued players like Brandon Meriweather and Randy Moss. When everyone zigs, the Pats zag in order to find below market talent. It is Moneyball NFL-style.

* A new slogan for Friendly's: a free Friendly’s Happy Ending from our hostess with the purchase of any burger and massage.

* The Sopranos and The Shield have been shooting around par to date, but nothing has been more of a disappointment than Entourage. (BTW, 24 is dead to me and it is not coming back to life like Jack.) Vince and his agent, and then back to Ari…so predicable. Jeremy Piven has been phoning it in. The only scene that has not blown was this one with Nora Dunn.

* Skybus.com! Skybus.com! Skybus.com!

* Once Brady Quinn fell past the Dolphins, the Pats must have been dreaming the kid would fall to them or maybe that was just me. Tom Brady is 30 and it takes a few years for QBs to fully develop.

* The standard toilet color should be black not white. It would require less cleaning. Black toilet paper is out; black toilets are in.


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